Monday, March 22, 2010

Who Likes Birthdays?

That would be me! This b-day was spectacular! First thing was a rose and a card when I woke up! Then Dylan called and sang me the b-day song, and we chatted until he had to go to school.

I went downstairs, and found a dozen yellow roses (my all time favorite flower!) another great card, and a ca-a-a-a-ke (we don't get much cake around here).

Laurie called, and sang you know what, and we planned spring break in D.C. Can't wait to do the Smithsonian with Dylan!

Went downtown and spent a whole hour at Miner's North upgrading my bracelet - good old Dick waited at Horizon.

I had the best time - it was almost the highlight of the day. That jewelry store is so helpful and friendly - I really enjoyed spending my birthday money in there :)

On the way home, Jana called on the cell and she sang her own original version of the b-day song, which I think she should copyright - it was very much fun. There was a message on the machine when we got home that Hibbard's had been out to deliver flowers and of course we weren't there. So I called them and they came right back out with a gorgeous bouquet from all of the "Eggs".

Dick asked me where I wanted to go for dinner. I thought and thought - I could think of more places that I didn't want to go. Finally decided that I just wanted to relax and have fun, and so let's just go out to Art's Tavern in Glen Arbor! Yaay! It was a beautiful evening for a drive - bright sunshine and blue sky. Leelanau County is beautiful any time of the year.

The restaurant was fun - lots of interesting conversations to eavesdrop on, and lots of local color. I had a marvelous time. Back at home, as soon as we opened the door the phone started ringing and it was Tom from California. We had a great talk, and It was a really nice way to end my perfect birthday!

Dick asked me if I felt any older, and I said, "Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies." More and more old cliches are beginning to make sense to me :)