Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Day in Cattle Track

The weather report was ominous, but the day turned out to be almost ideal - just a little bit on the hot and sticky side. The plan was to meet Tim and Susie for lunch at Maggie's (a great spot in Cadillac) and then spend the day caching. It worked out extremely well. (Almost.) We stopped on the way down to do a couple of caches at Meauwataka...and had a tragic accident with our Magellan GPS - luckily we had another GPS with us.

The lunch was great, the company was wonderful as usual, and the geocaching was successful. Here are Dick's logs:

8/22/2007 You found Meauwataka Mall
We set out today for a leisurely patch of cachin' in Cadillac with friends. This was our first stop. We have driven this route many times before the 131 extension opened. Now days - not so much.We pulled in about 10:30 and Ol' Sharp Eyes had the cache back to the car before I had my bag out of the back. Took nothing, just signed the log and left our card and a TB. The road to the east is all torn up but that way lies the next cache. Thanks for the fun.

8/22/2007 You found Meauwataka's Mushroom Spot
This was our second stop on a Cadillac cachin' day. We found the first stage with a little looking after the GPS settled down, we spotted the final from the car. The inside of the log book baggie was sticky so we took the wipes. Traded some school supplies for them. We also traded TBs. Returned the cache to it's proper location and then disaster struck. When I closed the hatch, I slammed it on the GPS breaking the screen. Since I've done it twice before, broken the screen, not slammed it in the door, I knew that we are going to be out $100. Thank goodness we carry a back up. Putting the best face we could on the event, we drove off for lunch. Thanks for the hunt.

8/22/2007 You found Pickled Haring
This was our last stop in a day of caching teamed up with the Dino Duo. It was only 4:30 and we had only scored a dozen but we aren't as young as we used to be. (Yesterday) We took nothing, left a carabiner light, and interrupted the stories long enough to return the cache to its proper location. Thanks for the hunt and for providing a cache that was a part of an extremely enjoyable day.

8/22/2007 You found I Lost The Game
We won "The Game", if we played "The Game", because, due to a disaster earlier in the day, we had never heard of "The Game" until we sat down to log it. Teamed with the Dino Duo, we had only the coordinates to work with as we found the cache, "The Game" was never mentioned.
Maybe we didn't play "The Game". It would appear that, if one plays "The Game" by rule they must lose. Since we didn't think of "The Game" we didn't lose. Since we didn't lose, we must not have been playing.
However, since Rule 1 says "You are playing the game.", we must have been playing and since we didn't think of "The Game" therefor we must have won.
We appeal to the almighty arbitrator to grant us a ruling, otherwise we may never sleep again.
Signed the log and dropped of a TB. Thanks for the fun.

8/22/2007 You found geo medicine
Quick grab. Chalk up another smilie.

8/22/2007 You found It'll Blow You Away
A quick grab while teamed up with Dino Duo. The magnet is missing and the log book is damp because the baggie is torn. We replaced the baggie after we signed the log. Thanks for bringing us here and reminding us of "The Great War" that made the world safe for Democracy.

8/22/2007 You found Clock Zeebo
After a great lunch and fun conversation with Tim and Susie of the Dino Duo, we began an afternoon of caching in Cadillac. Because of an earlier disaster in which I smashed our main GPS in the car door, we had to depend upon them to give us the coordinates to load into our backup. This is an interesting spot and a great hide but I'm afraid we chased away a trio of youngsters who were only trying to eat their lunch in peace. Thanks for the fun beginning to a great day.

8/22/2007 You found An Evening Stroll in Cadillac
A great hide! Interestingly, we had contemplated a hide at a similar spot in the cache owners home town. Since we were teamed up with the experienced Dino Duo, this was a quick find. We signed the log and left a stuffed toy, then we drove off marveling at Koda's ingenuity. Thanks for the adventure.

8/22/2007 You found Deep In The Cedar
Clever!! We were thrown off looking for what was not there. The Dino Dude spotted it quickly and led the rest of us to the spot. Signed the log and left a Geopin. Thanks for the hunt.

8/22/2007 You found NOT!
Tagging along with the Dino Duo, they showed us this clever puzzle. After an earlier disaster, we were using the backup GPS which did not have the cords, educated snooping led us to the prize. Thanks for the hunt.

8/22/2007 You found Mill No.1
We were out for an afternoon of caching in the Cadillac area teamed up with the Dino Duo. We found the cache after a short search and signed the log. Thanks for the history lesson. We enjoyed the area.

8/22/2007 You found Stroll The Paved Pathway Again
We came down to Cadillac for an afternoon of caching with the Dino Duo. After a great lunch at Maggies, (as recommended by the cache owner) (BTW, our waitress was Lyndsey, look for her on American Idol) we set out for a leisurely afternoon of caching in the Cadillac area. We had visited this spot with them last year. Found the cache, signed the log and left a TB. Thanks for the fun.