Friday, August 15, 2008

A Fine Week

Monday Jana and I went walking along the TART from the West End Beach to the Open Space.

Tuesday we went to the gym and out to breakfast and ran the usual errands. In the afternoon, Jana and I went to the movies just for fun. We saw Hellboy II - we knew it would be silly - it certainly isn't for my age group! ;) We enjoyed it anyway - there was lots of action and there were good special effects.

Wednesday Jana and I went shopping at Oryana and had a sandwich. Their remodeled store is really nice and their selection is remarkable - but their prices are out of sight! Then we went to Catherine's and bought Jana some great outfits for interviewing. She really had good luck! Then we went walking around the Open Space and took a good look at the big yacht that is moored in the marina. It's a C V 9 named Bikini, registered in the Marshall Islands. What a magnificent boat!

Thursday we did gym in the morning, followed by a Doctor appointment for Dick (clean bill of health!). In the afternoon we had fun touring the property in the golf cart. That is so much fun! There were people and dogs over on our island, but our cart tour scared them away. Jana went wading in the river and went over to the island to see what it's like now. There's a fire ring, and some fire wood, and logs arranged as seats. We have no idea who's using it. We don't really care - they're not disturbing us and they're not making a mess. Later we went to town so Jana could order fudge from Murdick's to be sent to some of her friends.

Friday Dick worked at the Visitor Center then dropped off the Subaru at the dealer to fix the sunroof. We all ate lunch at Bubba's and Jana bought some books at Horizon. Then we went home and we all read books until it was time to pick up the car.