Monday, July 26, 2010

At the Cottage!

Sharon and John rented a beautiful, spacious cottage on East Bay for ten days. This afternoon was the perfect time to go help them enjoy it! The weather was gorgeous, the clouds were fluffy, and the sand was hot! Everybody had a super time. Thanks, Sharon and John.

Kevin, Amy, & Maya

Cousins continue - adult cousins with the next generation of cousins!

Tom came from the Pacific to the Great Lakes

Here's the peanut gallery watching the frivolity:)

Such a beautiful beach

Laurie (Florida) and Tom (California) meet in the middle!

What a great cottage this was;

General beachy type fun!

Baby Maya can be Miss Personality!

Life at the cottage - the Good Life :)

After such a wonderful afternoon, we decided to go out to dinner - Dylan voted for dinner at Moomer's, and so...

Thanks again, Sharon and John - we had a great day.