Friday, July 25, 2014

Kitchen Choreography

This morning Laurie and I went shopping for counter tops, flooring and cabinets for our new condo.  (Yes, that Lone Tree condo which hasn't been started yet, but, oh well.)

At Kitchen Choreography we met with Erica, who works with our builder all of the time, and is familiar with the condos - spaces, sizes, etc.  She spent a lot of time with us and it was very much fun.  They allow you to take samples with you so that you can be sure of coordinating flooring and such.

For lunch we went to the Town Plaza on State St.  It was the perfect day to eat outside, and we had a very relaxing lunch.

Afterwards we went to Floor Covering Brokers and met with Deb.  She's another one who works with our builder and is super familiar with those condos.  It was so enjoyable to see what was available, and to coordinate with the samples from Kitchen Choreography.  Laurie loves doing that.  I had never shopped that way before, and I was very impressed.  And tired.

We went back home, and I opted for a rest.   Laurie went back out shopping.  She stopped at Nature's Edge, another Lone Tree supplier.  Laurie brought home more samples!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bye Bye Chip

Chip packed up the pickup yesterday, and was ready to go this morning,  We all waved goodby, and another river summer has ended for Chip.  Bye bye.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kayaking Day

Dylan is a real pro on the river.

Chip and Dylan helicoptering

I never realized that the train came this close to the water!  The train is called the U & BE  (Up and Back Empty)

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Munson Ultrasound was very crowded this morning.  I showed up for my eighth paracentesis with Candy the tech, and Dr. Gartland. This time they removed 7.5 liters of fluid, the most ever.  It seems odd to me, because I have cut down on fluids and I'm eating a low sodium wouldn't you think that the ascites would improve?  Guess not.

Anyway, my reward was Interlochen this evening...because it was Willie Nelson!!!  Oh, and Alison Krause and Union Station.  Alison was one of the opening acts, and she was splendid!  We both enjoyed her music very much.  She sang some old favorites (You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All) and some new favorites, such as "I'm a Ghost in This House".  So enjoyable!
Of course Willie was the main attraction.  Since he is now 80 years old, he doesn't really sing the songs...he speaks them.  But he still plays a mean guitar.  He played one of my favorites, "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground".

Dick wanted him to play "Paul and Me", but he didn't this time.

It was a wonderful night at Interlochen.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

GenFest 2014

The Peanut Gallery

All of Barb and Jim's grandchildren

Barb and Jim's entire family

Sharon and John's entire family

First, the Cherry Royale Parade :)

Our guys are parade ready :)

The best part of the whole parade - Dick walking with the Visitor Center folks.

At the cottage - kayaking to the island and back.

Tom and Deanna kayaked to the island too.

Tom and Deanna riverside :)
Thank you Sharon, John and all for another fantastic GenFest.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tomson Dickery

Tom flew in this morning for Gen Fest.  Of course we were all happy to see him, but Dylan was especially excited.  Tom was able to catch a few winks on the "red eye", but he was able to take a nice nap.

For dinner we had crock pot pork loin, and it was so good!

Tom's latest girlfriend Deanna didn't arrive until 10 p.m., so Dick and I decided to go to bed and meet her in the morning.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Arrival From the South!

Our Florida family pulled up in the big white pickup before 4:30 p.m.  They made really good time, and they said that their trip was an easy one this year.

I made a big pot of chili for dinner, so we were ready no matter what time they arrived.  The chili was yummy, and it was wonderful to have them all here again this summer.

Their beds are all ready, and for the first time, Dylan is sleeping on the sofa bed in the "playroom".  I'm so glad we have the room to do that.

Monday, July 07, 2014

A Lemony Day

First we dropped in on Ed.  It was good to see him - he has retired now, and seems relaxed and happy with his life.  We left some Don and Dawn memorabilia for him.  He may come to the cottage for GenFest, but made no guarantees.  He says that Ruth is now living in Arcadia, and they don't get together very often anymore.

Max's service came out, replaced the timer on the dryer, and it still wouldn't work. so the dryer has been officially declared a lemon.  Let me rephrase that - the dryer has been officially declared a LEMON!!!!  Our service man advised that the next step will be to deal with Home Depot to get the dryer replaced.

We went to do errands - East Bay Township to inform them that our river property has been sold and they need to adjust our summer taxes and bill the new owner, ORV permits for Chip and Dylan, and Home Depot.  I was not feeling particularly chipper, so I waited in the car all those times.  While I was waiting at home depot, one of the side effects of Nexavar struck with a vengeance - cramping.  Hands, arms, and back of thighs seemed to be the main targets.  I did manage to get out of the car - no fun - and then just remained standing and trying to relax while the cramping traveled around at will.
Now my body is a LEMON too !

On the bright side, Dick arranged for a new dryer to be delivered Wednesday, and they will pick up the lemony one.  Now we have to order the correct propane conversion kit, have someone come out and convert it, and install the dryer. Then maybe we'll be back in business.  We are not exactly dancing with glee at this time because we know several things can go wrong from now on, based on past experience.

By the time we got home the cramping had subsided a bit.  Today is Brooke's birthday, and we had been invited to dinner at the cottage at 6 p.m.  I didn't trust that cramping to stay subsided, so I opted out of all the fun, and convinced Dick that he should go anyway, which he reluctantly did.  And I'm glad, because he brought back a delicious cupcake for me.  Happy Birthday Brooke, and thanks for the cupcake!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

We Visit NorthPorch

I wanted to go our for breakfast in a non-touristy environment.  Alas, Sparky's was full (Jerry and Lydia were there),  and Randy's was closed.  We went to Round's, and I have never seen it so crowded!  Unbelievable!  We actually sat on bar stools for breakfast!  But, as usual, the breakfast was worth both the long wait and the bar stool.

In the afternoon we went out to the cottage to see everybody.  Melissa, Autumn, Blake, Shelly, Chris and Drew were there, too, so we had a mini-reunion.  It's always great to see everybody.  It's especially fun to watch the littlest cousins enjoy each other so much.  It's a great group if I do say so myself.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Blue Angels !

John and Sharon have moved in to their rental on Long Lake.  Kevin, Amy, Maya and Ella are with them.  By the end of the week the entire Washington clan will be there together on Long Lake.  Their cottage is named NorthPorch.   And, most of the Steiger clan will be here together at the river.  That's how you can tell that it's almost GenFest time :)

This afternoon we went to watch the Blue Angels, albeit from afar!  We didn't want to battle the congestion and crowds, so we watched from our favorite ridge west of town.  We got good views of much of it, except for the low level aerobatics.  They flew right over our heads around eight times during the show, so we got to see them up close and personal.  Hearing the thunderous roar is half of the fun!

Long nap back at home, because we're going to Interlochen tonight.

The Capitol Steps performed at the Korson Auditorium.  We had excellent seats, and we laughed our heads off.  The performers are truly talented and versatile, and the whole thing was a real pleasure.

Summer Concerts: *JULY 2014 - Capitol Steps (8pm, Corson)

Location: Corson Auditorium

CAPITOL STEPSTaking a stab at anyone within reach of their verbal swords, these Washington insiders present sketches and parody songs based on current events – and the latest scandals from Capitol Hill – that will win everyone’s vote of approval.