Saturday, February 08, 2014

Happy Birthday Dear Laurie

Dick went for a walk this morning, and walked halfway to Laurie's house.  On Blasko Lane he found this cache - we're trying to find one on every calendar day of the year. not necessarily the same year!

Found it 02/08/2014 You found Honest and Fair Visit Log
Congrats on a great job! Not only a great location but an ammo can. They have gotten fairly rare in this area. We appreciate the find because we have never before, in over 10 years of caching, found a cache on February 8th. Of course, part of the reason is that this is the first year that we've been out of Michigan in February. Up there, this morning it was -5 and they have had over 150 inches of the white stuff. Took nothing, left nothing, signed log and replaced as found. Thanks for a job well done, it earned a favorite from us.                  

Spent the afternoon with Laurie and Dylan - Chip was on his way home.  We planned to go out to dinner and have yummy birthday cake afterwards.  We had fun picking out cards, and we probably overdid it, but gee, we did have fun.  When Chip got home we opened the present -  Kindle Fire :)  After it was suitably charged up, Laurie had some fun playing with it!

Some things are just way too much fun!

We had a great time for dinner at Bonefish, and Chip wound up paying for the birthday dinner, so what could be better??  Then back to their house for cake, candles, and Happy Birthday to Laurie!  And the cake was really, truly yummy!