Friday, May 23, 2008


Crown Princess Deck Log
Stockholm to Helsinki: 263.2 Nautical Miles
Average Speed 21.0 Knots
Noon position: Alongside in Helsinki
Sky: Clear Skies
Temperature: 52 F

This morning we ate breakfast in the dining room to see how it was. The food was just average, but the service was wonderful, as usual!

The Finnish language is something to see. I'm not sure how they get their first graders ready to read! It would be a real challenge!

Our tour guide's name was Toije (Toya). She told us about people washing their carpets in the canal and leaving them along the shore to dry. They come and get them the next day. Toya also said that the unofficial Finnish motto is "Hope for the best but plan for the worst."
The buildings along the street were decorated with charming flowers.

Couldn't resist taking a picutre of this strange boat in Helsinki Harbor.
The Lutheran Cathedral in Senate Square, Helsinki

The statue is Alexander II.

Bill and Jan in the Square

Olympic Stadium with statue of Paavo Nurmi, Finnish Olympian
Dick happened upon this graduation ceremony from the medical school. Here's a procession of new doctors!

Moose are everywhere - they are evidently responsible to 30 deaths annually in car accidents.
The tour bus stopped at this memorial to Sibelius, who composed "Finlandia".
Helsinki street scene:Santa's Mini Market- I told you that Scandinavians are fun-loving!
Temppeliaukio Kirkko (Rock Church) They charge the equivalent of one dollar to use the bathroom. Jan and I were reminiscing about having to pay to use the john at Harrod's, and a little English lady piped up saying, "You don't have to pay at Harrod's if you buy a cup of tea!"
World travelers enjoying the Atrium.
Dick had good luck caching in Helsinki!
May 23 by basswoodbend (1762 found)
We are on a Princess cruise of the Baltic. Todays shore excursion bus ride had a 50 min. break for sightseeing and shopping in the square. I followed the arrow but there were two policemen standing within 3 feet of the cache when I arrived. I spotted the container but could not retrieve it. By asking stupid tourist questions I managed to coax them away from the wall and out by the street. I quickly grabbed the stash and retreated to the steps of the cathederal to sign it. Unfortunately, when I returned to the location the officers were back. Luckily, at just that time, there was a sudden flourish, bells began tolling and a procession came out of the building to the west and proceded down the street past me. With that distraction the cache was easily replaced. Thanks for the chance to add Finland to our list of countries.
May 23 by basswoodbend (1762 found)
On a cruise of the Baltic, we are attempting to find a cache and launch one of our coins in each country we visit. The first we found today was too small for a coin, this one is just right. It was a good thing this was an easy find because the clue was no help to us. We attempted to retrieve and replace the container as quietly as we could but I stumbled replacing it and may have drawn the attention of the man sitting on the nearby porch. I hope not.
Anyway, thanks for the hunt and for providing us with a place to launch our latest coin which we have named "Finland"