Monday, October 29, 2007

Does This Work?

I just downloaded Windows Live Writer, and the site says that I can post to my blog from here.  This is my experimental post!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


They are talking about letting people back into RB today. I may actually have to go to work tomorrow.

On a more serious note, one of my colleagues in the chamber group lost his house.

RB is Tom's area of San Diego - Rancho Bernardo. The chamber group is not stringed instruments, as you might think. (wink) Chambers are part of the process of making lasers for Cymer.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Witch of San Diego

We're naturally concerned about Tom's safety. On the google earth maps, his house looks to be surrounded by fire. He is respectful of the danger, but he says he's outside of the evac area (for now) and doesn't expect fire in his neighborhood. We're all being watchful and his sisters are helping to keep him entertained! I told him to be sure to pack a picture of his mother.

The reference to the ice cream truck is because the police come around with megaphones when you have to evacuate, and it reminds everybody of when the ice cream truck used to come on our street in the subdivision.

Well it looks like the ice cream truck came to Tom's house. We were debating which car Tom chose to save.... The name of Tom's fire is the Witch Fire.

Let us know where you are. By the way the Mexican border is closed so don't go south ;)

Thinking of you and all your personal belongings
A map of the fire area Tom's house is between Poway and I-15.

He said the car had already been packed, I couldn't bear to ask 'which car.' Probly Raven tho, because he said he really just took some clothes and documents. He said he would probly head to Val's. (Jana)

I spoke with Tom just now and he hasn't evacuated yet. He is on the edge of the zone. I woke him up. I hope he can go back to sleep!!! Sorry Tom (Laurie)

I think if I were Tom, I'd just, you know ... ditch. How did he *know* he was on the edge of the zone? He was *sleeping*! (Jana)

Good morning everyone!

I have some clothes and documents packed in Raven. The bike rack is on and my mountain bike is on the back.

The houses that are at risk are those that border wild brush areas. Once houses start burning the fire usually doesn't spread very far into a development. I am surrounded by houses and irrigated landscaping on all sides for a good distance. At this point the fire would approach from the north and my house has a bare construction site with stone laid on it just to the north. The probability of my house burning is small.

At this point they are being very cautious and are evacuating neighborhoods well in advance of any serious threat. Rest assured that if an evacuation order comes I will leave without hesitation.

On a further note, Tuesday is garbage day and the garbage truck just came by to pick up the garbage, i.e. business as usual. (Tom)

See, I knew he wouldn't leave without the bike!!!! (Laurie)

How bout Cymer? Is Cymer burned up? Huh?

Which clothes did you pack?

What about your comics?

What about pictures? Don't you think you should take that 22nd Street Beat clip about me off the refrigerator?

How bout the bunnies? Have you seen herds of bounding wild-eyed bunnies? In my book, that's when you get the heck outta Dodge. (Jana)

On Oct 23, 2007, at 7:49 AM, Jana Steiger wrote:

How bout Cymer? Is Cymer burned up? Huh?

I don't think so but I don't really know. It'd be interesting, though. If it did burn there would be global implications for the semi-conductor industry.

Which clothes did you pack?

My "Life is crap" tee shirt and my Michigan boxer shorts.

What about your comics?

No, but I sorted them in the order that I want them to burn.

What about pictures? Don't you think you should take that 22nd Street Beat clip about me off the refrigerator?

Well sure, that.

How bout the bunnies? Have you seen herds of bounding wild-eyed bunnies? In my book, that's when you get the heck outta Dodge.

The coyotes tend to keep the bunny population in check. (Tom)

Monday, October 22, 2007


Congratulations Leigh Anne Pike, Teacher of the Year!
NO SCHOOL FRIDAY, Oct. 26. Teacher Work Day
Congratulations, TLC's: Cody Andrews, Dillon Hansen, Lola Nicotra, Hannah Lewis, Justin Belisle, Maggie McSoley, Jacqueline Rouse, Jordan Feldman, Spencer MacLeod, Alexis McCallister, Billy Buntin, Zander Bush, Evan O'Brien,Eric Guidoboni, Saja Hussein, Chris Menninger, Ryan McCauley, Nicholas Shirkey, Sydney Coble, Kamron Kuschel, Tanner Roe, Emma Turner, Cameron Carrero, Megan Ream, Whitney Hanner, Kieran Anderson, Kayla Kuschel, Eric Ohrn, Leah Nicotra, Katie Fenick, Michael Hunter, Elizabeth Brooks, Marrissa Jadotte, Dylan Gillespie, Alex Kamentz, Abby Wendisch, Matthew Haggerty, Lorin Taylor, Joshaua Cooler, Connor Morris, Breanna Copus, Tyler Burnam,Bliss Rose.

Sunday in a Bottle

We have found a cache in every one of Michigan's 83 Counties! Went back to the UP last weekend to finish the last 2 counties (Gogebic and Marquette), and also to pick up Wisconsin.

The trip up was miserable - the weather was awful - cold, rainy and windy. It did seem to stop for us whenever we got out of the car, so at least we didn't get soaked. Stayed the first night in Iron River. We had planned to stay Saturday night in Marquette, but we didn't have a reservation. As it turns out, Marquette was filled to capacity Saturday night. Northern Michigan was playing Michigan Tech in the Superior Dome, NMU was playing Univ. of Mich. in hockey, and it was Parent's Weekend. So we went on to Munising and spent the night there. We ate pizza and watched Michigan beat Illinois :)
Michigan Grabs Key Road Win With Comeback at Illinois
Wide receiver Adrian Arrington scored one touchdown and threw for another to lead the No. 24 Michigan football team to a 27-17 victory over Illinois on Saturday, Oct. 20, in Champaign, Ill. Arrington scored on a diving 14-yard grab of a Chad Henne pass to put U-M up 17-14 going to halftime, and in the fourth quarter, after Sean Griffin's recovery of a muffed punt deep in Illini territory, Arrington hit Mario Manningham for an 11-yard TD pass that broke a 17-17 tie. Filling in for Mike Hart, Carlos Brown ran for a career-high 113 yards.

My impressions of the UP:
1. We heard on the radio that there are 14,000 bears in the UP. (shudder)
2. The fall colors this weekend were all yellow. Every forest was yellow everywhere.
3. Yoopers are very friendly - especially servers at restaurants.
4. Iron River has a great restaurant - Main Street Cafe. They have pies of all sorts.
5. Marquette was very crowded. Tommy's Restaurant was nice.
6. We found a cache at the oldest house in Marquette - 1813.
7. Dick thought that Marquette's sandstone buildings were pretty. I thought they were dark, heavy, and sinister.
8. Marquette has a great waterfront area with nice beaches except we were wondering who would swim in Lake Superior? Temp. is around 40 F. in the summertime.
9. In Marquette we met QuirkToo - he used to be a prof. at NMU. He's from Belleville - I taught with his Mom and Dad at Edgemont.
10. It seems like we drove around and around and around in Marquette - we did many caches there, including one that was a tour of the town.
11. We loved the Marquette Library. Actually it's the Peter White Library. Nice.
12. Lots of lakes in the UP have 3 letter names - we saw Ice Lake, Imp Lake, Bat Lake, Owl Lake and the Cut River among many, many others.
13. A woman who lives in Paradise found an agate on the shores of Lake Superior while we were there which measures 7"x4" and is worth about $2,000.
14. In the Mackinac Grille in St. Ignace the servers were wearing Tee shirts saying St. Ignace is a little drinking town with a fishing problem.
15. Sunday was a gorgeous day for driving home. The radio played If I Could Put Time in a Bottle - we would have put Sunday in a bottle !

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our Valley Ranch Apartment

Our Ann Arbor home away from home from Labor Day until Oct. 15 - 1455 Oak Valley Drive, Apt. 103
Good Times!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Class of 1957

Fifty years ago I graduated from the Univ. of Mich. with a Bachelor's Degree in Education (BA Ed). Today is Homecoming Day, and my class was honored at the Alumni Assn. Homecoming Tailgate Brunch. I had a really good time - the food wasn't good, but the entertainment was fabulous, and there were great freebies.
Here's Dick's report of our day:

We are winding up our A2 excursion. We have had a blast! Saturday's game was icing on the cake. It was homecoming and Nancy's 50th reunion tailgate. The festivities were in the Track & Field building which is just in the outfield of the Baseball stadium. I got permission to drive in and drop her off and then I took the car back to our parking spot and walked back down to the brunch.
The food was pathetic but the event was fun. Branstatter spoke as did Pres. Mary Sue Coleman. The Alumni Pep band played and both the men's and women's glee clubs sang. There was a lot of the old time M music that today's kids don't know. On the day we must have sung "I wanta go back to Michigan" and "The Yellow and the Blue" a half dozen times each. The scary thing was when Ron Kramer spoke. He was in Nancy's class and my fraternity. I remember him as being a big guy but he looks average now. He walks with a cane and has become an old man. What happened!

After the program, there was a shuttle available back to the stadium. We were told that it was going to gate 9 which is by our seats. Wrong! It dropped us at Crisler Arena. I had left stuff in the car so Nancy was on her own and I walked around the outside to the car and then back to the seats. All the walking would have been no problem except, somehow in the morning I slipped on something in the bathroom and broke a toe. It didn't bother me until after the shuttle ride, then it started to burn. Still, I was able to ignore it and enjoy the game until the 4th quarter when one of the early leavers stepped on it. It started to throb and Nancy gave me some Tylenol. When we got home I was afraid to look at it. The thing is a nice fluorescent purple. We iced it and Nancy gave me some pain stuff that has some sleepy dust in it.
The bottom line is that the three or four caches that I had planned on doing today didn't get done. We stayed home and packed up our stuff and loafed. About 2 we went out to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. Lobster Bisque and Crab Cakes. It was great! Once again, thank you Tim and Susie!!

The weather was perfect for football. We were a little worried about playing Purdue, but as it turned out, Michigan dominated the whole game. Justin (Wolverine Warrior) bought our two spare tickets and came with his daughter Emily. It was a perfect game for her to see - she loved all of the Homecoming activities. I gave her some beads and a pull-out Go Blue sign - she was tickled. She got to see every variety of the wave that there is- forward, backward, fast, slow, superfast, and double. I'm so glad that she had a good experience. The only downside was that Michael sprained his ankle and didn't play in the second half.
It was a splendid day all around.

Super Mario Stars as Football Rolls Past Boilermakers
Mario Manningham caught two first-half touchdown passes -- on 24- and 21-yard strikes from Chad Henne -- en route to a career day, and the Wolverine defense crashed Purdue's wide-open passing attack Saturday, Oct. 13, as the U-M football team defeated the Boilermakers, 48-21, in Michigan Stadium. Mike Hart had a terrific first half, running for 102 yards to help Michigan gain a 24-point halftime advantage. The U-M defense -- led by Terrance Taylor's two TFL's -- protected the lead with a vigorous second half.

Friday, October 12, 2007


For three days in a row, we traveled to a different area each day for sightseeing and geocaching.

On Wednesday, we went to Grosse Ile - it was a most interesting day. Dick has picked out a bunch of virtuals because they are easy enough even for me! He's very considerate that way. We did about a dozen virtuals in that area - all interesting, and some were fascinating. For instance, did you know that there was slavery in Michigan? On Grosse Ile there was a plaque describing how a woman who was born a slave became free in 1815, and willed part of her estate to establish an Episcopal chapel. Her name was Lisette Denison, and she was quite an influential woman for her day.

Thursday we went to the South Lyon area. We were impressed with the cache containers and the cache placements around South Lyon. It was fun, exciting, and gave us a couple of really good ideas! It was fun to see the beautiful homes in new subdivisions on the outskirts of town. The downtown was decorated with stuffed scarecrows in trick or treat costumes which had been created by various local businesses and put up on the lamp posts. The stuffed scarecrows were adorable and really well done - it made for a really attractive display. I was impressed.

Friday we stayed around Ann Arbor and had a great time exploring old haunts, and finding our way around the one way streets, the construction, and the congestion. Dick was really on a roll - he found everything right away. He has developed very good caching instincts.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kingdom - Don't Go

Are you a movie goer? You can skip Kingdom, with Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner. If you enjoy this type of movie you might as well find your local recruiter, suit up, train, and go to Baghdad - this movie is just like being there...very bloody, very violent, true to life, and depressing. Jan, Diann and I went today and I have to point at Diann - she selected the movie! It was horrible.

The rest of the day was great! Jan and I went back to the condo where Dick and Bill were waiting. Tammy came over with the kids (Ethan and baby Emily) and Eric came after work. Jan ordered Chinese take-away and we had a great time with the kids. Eric and Tammy will be moving to Wisconsin in a few weeks, so we treasure the time we can spend with them.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Saline Dias

Pardon the pun.

The Ann Arbor News sports page article about yesterday's game had a headline that said Michigan's victory was "Satisfying Enough". I wouldn't have said that - I would have said that the victory was "OK", or maybe "We'll Take It". But satisfying? Well, no.

We were outside at 8:30 this morning, headed to Saline for more caching before the day got too warm. At our first stop, the humidity was already uncomfortable even though the temp was only 71 at that time. As the day wore on, the temp got up to 90. The high temps don't bother you as much when you spend the time between outings in an air conditioned car!

Saline is a really attractive town - the downtown area looks vital and viable, the neighborhoods are well-maintained, the city parks are numerous, and the outlying subdivisions are filled with McMansions. The US12 approaches to Saline are booming with everything a town needs - all the fast food, groceries and warehouse shopping that one could ask for. The surrounding country roads are so pleasant to drive - nice farms, gorgeous barns, and huge fields.

I was really disappointed with the Oak Hill Cemetery. The gate was closed and padlocked - on a Sunday afternoon! I felt like they slammed the door in my face. We especially loved one stage of the Tour de Saline series of 10 - we are thinking of duplicating that one. We also really liked the Tour Through Saline (yes, they are two different series), and we're thinking of copying that one as well.

I helped Dick search for a couple of these, but he basically did the whole day by himself, and found everything!

Found it 10/7/2007 You found Tour through Saline (Multi-cache)
We enjoyed this cache very much. It's hard to believe this was a first effort.Despite multiple muggles at the final, we were able to grab the cache, sign the log while admiring the sculpture garden, and replace it. Thanks for the fun.

Found it 10/7/2007 You found Tour de Saline - Marpool / Canterbury Park (Traditional Cache)
Found the pricker free route. The house and yard to the north(the one with the caboose) is amazing! Not many muggles this warm Sunday morning. Thanks for the series and thanks for the cache.

Found it 10/7/2007 You found Down by the pond (Traditional Cache)
We went after this one Sunday afternoon as the thermometer and humidity were both climbing toward 90. Once the GPS settled down it was an easy find. SL,TN,LN. Thanks for the hunt.

Found it 10/7/2007 You found Tour de Saline - Teft Park (Traditional Cache)
This was our first find on a Sunday in which temperatures are forecast to approach 90. A very cool hide. It had us scratching our heads, we may have to copy it. Thanks for the fun.

Found it 10/6/2007 You found Always Pittsfield (Multi-cache)
We did this one this afternoon with summer weather. This is one of our least favored caches. we just can't get into enjoying exploring the ditches along a busy highway. TNLNSL

Found it 10/6/2007 You found Rec Center Micro (Traditional Cache) [visit log]
In Saline on a hot muggy Sunday. Nice walk and because of the excellent cords, it was a quick find. Thanks for the hunt

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sun-Baked Football Fans

Wow, was it hot.

Hot, hot, hot.

We drank Pepsi, and water, and water followed by some water and still felt like we were cooking. Whew. We personally saw 3 people on the golf cart ambulances being taken to First Aid, plus one man from our section who had to be carried about 30 rows up our aisle after the game and taken to First Aid. It's not the hottest day we've ever seen at Michigan Stadium, but it was definitely Hot Enough For Me (officially 88F, although our car thermometer said 90F when we got back to the car). I sat outside in the shade at half time, and that was a very good idea!

The game was shocking to me - Eastern Michigan should have been beaten easily, but in the first half they were quite effectively competitive. It was pitiful, to be honest. Michigan did pull it out 33-22, but it was not a win to be particularly proud of, in my opinion.

Hart Runs for Record as Football Dashes Past Eastern
Mike Hart's 14-yard gallop in the first quarter -- which led to a 31-yard TD pass from Chad Henne to Adrian Arrington -- made Hart Michigan's all-time leading rusher Saturday, Oct. 6, as the U-M football team defeated Eastern Michigan, 33-22, in Michigan Stadium. Jake Long and the Wolverine offensive line opened gaping holes early and often for Hart, who dazzled with 215 yards and three scores on 22 carries. U-M's defense -- paced by Obi Ezeh's 9 tackles -- contained EMU's spread attack, holding the Eagles to one touchdown.

It was exciting to be there when Michael became the U of M Career Rushing Champion (previously held by Anthony Thomas, the A Train). The crowd is into chants this year, and they chanted his name and did a standing ovation.

The U of M student population is amazingly diverse. But on a football Saturday, they all wear the official yellow Tee shirt and sing, chant, and gesture in unison. We noticed a sikh with the Tee shirt, but his turban was beige. You'd think that Ulrich's would have a maize and blue turban, or maybe one designed like a helmet! Today we saw a helmet design on a beach ball that was being bounced around under the Press Box.

Today is Holden's birthday,(he is now nine years old) and his folks bought our tickets so that Holden could bring a friend. The birthday group was late getting there because they had a soccer game first. They seemed to enjoy themselves just fine. The boys decided that football requires more strategy than soccer. Happy Birthday Holden.

It feels so good to be home in the AC with dry clothes. It feels good to be cool, comfortable and victorious.

Hail to the Victors.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Points East

It was another beautiful, warm, blue sky day.

We drove to Rochester Hills to visit Doug and Odette for lunch. I was expecting to go out to a restaurant, or to order pizza, or maybe to have a sandwich. You have to know Odette to know what I mean when I say she prepared us a complete Sunday dinner...and we ate at the Big Table! It was very delicious, and the entire visit was satisfying and enjoyable. We had a great time reminiscing, passing on family news, and discussing events. Doug and Odette are in good spirits as always, despite a few health problems. They always manage to overcome.

On the way home we found three virtuals - they were all interesting - and it was good to have an excuse to stop and stretch on the way home.

Found it 10/5/2007 You found All aboard!!!!! (Virtual Cache)
We visited family in Rochester Hills today and came back across 59. We hit the three virtuals along the way. The history was interesting to us because we seldom visit this area. Thanks for the push for us to stop as we drove past.

Found it 10/5/2007 You found Highland Station (Virtual Cache)
We visited family in Rochester Hills today and came back across 59. We hit the three virtuals along the way. The history was interesting to us because we seldom visit this area. Kudos to those who aided in the restoration and creation of this small park. Thanks for the push for us to stop as we drove past.

Found it 10/5/2007 You found Get a Handel on it (Virtual Cache)
We visited family in Rochester Hills today and came back to Ann Arbor across 59. We hit the three virtuals along the way. The history was interesting to us because we have not visited this area. We have blown past on the xway hundreds of times but never gotten off to see the town. A number of the local elementary school mom's were gathered out in front of the hall to share the news and gossip of the day. Almost as if we were in a time warp. Thanks for the push for us to stop look, and learn.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Memory Lane and Red Hawk

It was a day to go down Memory Lane over in Belleville. We caught up on some caches around town and in the MetroPark. One of the caches was in the Hillside Cemetery, and it was like a blast from the past driving down the lanes of the cemetery because we recognized all of the family names...well 85% at least. We saw Phil's grave for the first time since the funeral when Dick was one of the pallbearers. Such memories! All in all it was an awesome morning. We ate lunch at Mr. Bill's, which is a lot different now than when it used to be Little Caesar's.

This evening we met John "Edward Applebee" for dinner at the Red Hawk Grill on campus. We really enjoyed his company a lot. He's actually younger than our kids - a lovely young man - interesting, intelligent, and thoughtful. We had a great time with him. He visits TC often because he has family there, and he was there last weekend while we were there. He told me that he saw this Subaru with Migo 1 on the license plate - I said "That was us!" He was behind us at a traffic light. What are the odds?

It's been another idyllic day.

Some of Dick's logs from Belleville:
10/4/2007 You found Walk Along the Paw Paw Trail (Traditional Cache)
This area has many memories for us. For 20 years we lived just outside the park entrance on Haggerty Rd. and the park was just through the fence in our back yard. What we recall most about this trail are the dramatic red buds in bloom in the spring and a large cluster of Jack-in-the-Pulpit . Today the cords seemed to be about 50 feet off but found it with the clue and some searching. Traded sigs, thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Found it 10/4/2007 You found METROPARKS: PARK EDGE (Traditional Cache)
This is probably the only one of the Metro Park series that we’ll do this year but since, for 20 years that we lived and raised a family on Haggerty Rd this was our backyard, we had to do this one. This park not only provided recreation and enjoyment for all of us, it also provided summer employment for two of our kids and a place where we taught kids how to drive. We have walked, biked, and skied all of the trails in the park and so had a pretty good idea where this cache would be. Found it today about 3, signed the log and left a chalkboard set.
Thanks to the Metro Parks and their staffs for their support of this quirky activity of ours.

Found it 10/4/2007 You found On Owen Street? (Traditional Cache)
Wow! Memory Lane. 50 years ago when we were first married, what is now the High School building was K-12. Neither of the Jr. Highs existed. All three of our kids attended South and many of our friends taught here. We haven’t been back for over 15 years. Thanks for the memories. TFTC

Found it 10/4/2007 You found Jagman's Smallie spot! (Traditional Cache)
What an improvement this park is. When we came to live in Belleville and had an apartment a few blocks east on Liberty 50 years ago, this was the site of a ramshackle building, the oldest in the town. Here, in the 1950's the Doanes bought, sold, restored, and recycled old car batteries. The excess overflowed out the back and down along the lake shore. This park is a fantastic addition and a much nicer first impression of the town. Thanks for making us aware of what the city has accomplished in the 15 years we have been gone.

Found it 10/4/2007 You found Where's the Beef? (Traditional Cache)
Fun concept, we like it. we'd copy it but we don't have any Xways in our neck of the woods so we can't. When we lived in the subdivision north of here in the late 50's, there was just a stop sign at the intersection of Quirk and the Ford Freeway. If the traffic was heavy, you could take Belleville Rd. where there was a traffic light. Thanks for the memories.

Found it 10/4/2007 You found No Bones About It 2! (Traditional Cache)
For the first 35 years of our married life we lived, taught, and raised our family in the Van Buren Public School District. In all of those years, except for a few funerals, we rarely visited this place. In the course of our careers we taught multiple thousands of students. In addition, we worked with and associated with many hundreds of adults. We have found many cemetery caches before but this is the first time that we knew many, in fact the majority of the names. As we drive along the lanes we see the grandparents, aunts, and uncles of our “kids”. We also viewed the resting places of parents we met, colleagues with whom we worked and even some of our former students. This was truly a drive down memory lane. We signed the log and left a Geopin. Thanks for giving us a push to visit here this afternoon.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dream Day

Breakfast out, movies, dinner out - wow! Three days of activity in one!

The monthly BHS retirees breakfast was this morning at the Bomber in Ypsi (don't ask). Dick was in hog heaven because this month the coaches showed up. They could discuss past, present and future developments in football, not to mention memories of teams past and commiserating about teams present. He sat with Tom F., Kirk, Bob, Bill. and Tommy M. (for 2 1/2 hours)!

At the other end of the table (the fun end) I sat with Jan, Diann, Dorothy, Linda, Cindy (Madame) and Carol. I heard all about the latest trip to Branson, everybody's kids, good books and good movies, plus just a bit of gossip.

Afterwards, Jan, Diann and I went to the Showcase to see Game Plan, with the Rock. We decided that he has a really nice smile and nice brown eyes (!). It's a cute movie with some really funny lines, and some stupid food disasters (stupid is a really mean word). We enjoyed it - it was entertaining and fun. The child star was adorable, but needs an ear job - no kidding!

In the evening, Jan&Bill and Diann&Bill came over for a drink, and we all went out to dinner at Godaiko Japanese Restaurant. We went there because of the generous gift certificate we got from Tim&Susie (thanks) and we had a marvelous time. The food was really good - very satisfying. The company was enjoyable, and it was a very pleasant time.

A Dream Day

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Turtle Cove and Grizzly Peak

You just wouldn't believe what's happening in the Lower Huron MetroPark!! There is a huge new waterpark under construction - it's almost finished. It's called the Turtle Cove Aqua Center. We saw two big waterslides, 3 new buildings, a "lazy river". It's located right behind our Haggerty Road house - our kids would have been able easily to walk there - it's closer than the ice skating pond, and much closer than the swimming pool. We took pictures so that maybe our kids will believe us - although they still may not believe us!

It's going to be spectacular for next summer - there's a huge parking lot alongside it, and I just know that on hot summer days next year it will be a popular spot!

We had no idea that this aqua center was being planned, and nobody was more surprised that we were. You can actually see it from our park entrance!

This evening we were supposed to meet fellow geo-cacher Edward Applebee for dinner at the Grizzly Peak. We were there at the appointed time, but he stood us up - well he was very apologetic about it - it seems he ran into some glitches. Meanwhile, we had a great dinner, and really enjoyed everything anyway. Ann Arbor is a delightful town in the evening. While I was waiting for Dick to pick me up I was out on the street with the sidewalk patio diners, and watching the people strolling past was fascinating. Young, old, couples, groups, black, Asian, handicapped in wheelchairs, well-dressed, funkily dressed - and this was in just four or five minutes of watching! Ann Arbor is a great town.