Friday, October 11, 2013


Beccy called to say that the couple who looked at our property really, really liked it, and thought it was beautiful.  She thinks they may want a showing next week when everything is back to normal.  They are more interested in the property than in the house. 

They would not live here, they would most likely rent it out.  It seems that he is a conservationist, environmentalist and investor in river property.  He wants to preserve the riverside properties.  If that works out, it would be the ideal way to sell our place.  Of course we haven't had the showing yet, and we haven't had an offer, but it's nice to speculate.

Gout Week

Wow!  Gout week is finally over!  (I think!)  The Tylenol is working.  No headache and minimal residual pain in the foot.

 I showered, shampooed, got dressed, and walked (with the walker) to the living room.  I'm feeling ecstatic.  Waved good-by to Dick as he left to volunteer at the Visitor Center, fully confident that I am now able to take care of myself. 

We knew that our geocaching friend Nurse Nanna (Anne) was in town and was going to stop in and see him.  He called and asked if it was OK if he took her out to lunch after his shift.  Of course!  I'm fine (but not quite ready yet for the out to lunch thing), and it will be a nice break for him.


Last Monday, I literally couldn't walk.  Each time I tried to step on my right foot, it felt like I was walking on razor blades.  I sorted laundry in my room. because Monday is wash day:)  It took  mighty effort and about 45 minutes to get to the living room. 

Dick brought in the walker, and that did help,  but mobility was at a serious standstill.  Sat in the recliner all day, with Dick waiting on me, hand and (ouch) foot.  He kept the ice packs coming, the the ice did make things feel better for a while. 

He brought the laundry basket with darks into the laundry room, so the next time I went to the bathroom, I started the machine.  When the washing machine was done, Dick put the stuff into the dryer.  Later, I was able to fold while sitting in the recliner. That was my accomplishment for the day. Dick picked up Subway for dinner.

Tuesday - Everything seemed worse.  I did manage to get dressed and get to the living room.  I practiced in my mind how I was going to reach the things I needed from my bed without putting my feet on the floor. I spent a lot of time on visual imaging, as Olympic athletes do, (well sort of).  So I did manage to get dressed and make it to the living room.  

Beccy called that morning and said that she wanted to schedule a showing this afternoon from 3 to 5!  I was just devastated that we couldn't possibly have things spotless for a showing by 3 o'clock, or any other time.  I would not be able to get into the car to leave for a showing anyway - that would take gurney and a staff of helpers.  Fortunately Beccy understood - both of her parents had experienced gout.  She asked if they could just come and look at the property and not come into the house.  It was the perfect solution.  So the couple came, and walked all around the property, and even spoke briefly to Dick.  They thought that the property was beautiful  (but we already knew that).

Dick brought the whites to the laundry room, and during the day they got washed, dried and folded - it took all day.  I did write some checks for a couple of bills, and paid a couple more online, and those things were all that I accomplished for the day.

 By 7 o'clock I just could not get comfortable in the recliner - that foot was so sensitive to every little movement it just got to be unbearable.  We used the walker in a unique way - sitting down and going backwards down the hall to the bedroom.  Dick would help me navigate by pulling me along while I just dragged that godforsaken foot.  Getting undressed was too hard to think about, so I went to bed wearing jeans and socks.  The most bearable position was to have my right foot out from under the covers and almost hanging in mid-air, off the mattress, not touching anything. 

Wednesday - Now it's really horrible, and I thought it had already been horrible.  On top of the hated gout, I now have a headache, I think it's from having the constant pain.  This was a lost day.  I stayed under the covers, with all lights off.  NPR was playing very softly on the radio, and I slept on and off all day.

Thursday - Another lost day.  Read Wednesday.  One difference - the gouty foot was feeling a little less caustic, but I was beginning to feel gouty twinges in my other foot.  So I took a small amount of Tylenol, which I'm not supposed to have because of liver disease.  It took away my headache, and made both of my feet feel some better.  My mood was improving at last.  I ordered tapioca pudding and jello for dinner - just couldn't bear the thought of a plateful of real dinner.  Dick is the perfect nurse and right hand man :)