Saturday, June 21, 2014

Welcome Summer

First day of summer, but I'm still wearing long sleeves and a jacket.  We went for a drive toward Fife Lake, and then Manton.  Nice day for caching, but we did have a bunch of DNFs.  Too bad, so sad.

 On one country road we saw a farm with its name painted on the bright red barn - Monroe Achers !  It's the second cutest farm name I've seen.  The cutest was  Jones Ranch - The Cheaper Spread.

We had lunch in Manton at the Merry Inn.  Dick said it should be in Marion.  Get it?  His favorite line overheard at the restaurant came from a very old gentleman in the next booth.  He commented that this thing (I don't know what thing)  costs $500.  "Why, you could buy a horse and buggy for that price!"

We drove home through Amish country,  Saw one very beautiful, very large Amish home.  Saw lots of horse tracks in the dirt roads, and also a lot of horse poop.  They need to use doggie bags for poop pick-up.

Our last cache of the day was CVCLUB. way down at the end of 10 Road.  While I was waiting for Dick I couldn't believe the number of insects that came crawling or flying past!  Mosquitoes, of course, beetles, little tiny flies, caterpillars, butterflies, big black things scurrying on the ground - crickets maybe?  Anyway, quite a collection in insect life.

Cache logs for today:

Didn't find it 06/21/2014You couldn't find CB SERIES #3 WOODSTOCKVisit Log
We just were not Geocachers enough to scope this one out today. We gave it our best but we just weren't up to the challenge. 
Didn't find it 06/21/2014You couldn't find Beer Can AlleyVisit Log
Things were going pretty well for us today but then the clouds darkened, the rains came and we collected a string of three DNF's 
Didn't find it 06/21/2014You couldn't find Homage to The PastVisit Log
We were blanked by this one today. We had to wonder after reading the hint if there was any connection to the broken solar light at GZ 
Found it 06/21/2014You found  TCO 8 Our "Up North" CacheVisit Log
Today, the first day of summer, was supposed to be a sunny day in the mid 70's. We experienced some of that California liquid sunshine and a series of DNF's. Thanks for placing a cache we could find. Signed log and replaced the cache where we found it. Thanks for the fun. 
Found it 06/21/2014You found  CVCLUBVisit Log
Boy this find was a bit of a challenge. Sure glad our RAV has 4 x 4. The cache is in extremely poor shape and needs to be replaced. The case is broken and the log is soaked. There was standing water in the container. Even though the log is wet, we signed it and replaced as found. 
Write note 06/21/2014You posted a note for  R.I.P. LibertyVisit Log
We pulled into this little cemetery to seek a cache but were driven off by the mowing muggle trimming the grass near GZ 
Found it 06/21/2014You found  CB SERIES #4 LINUSVisit Log
Driving south on 131 for lunch in Manton and this one popped up on the Nuvi. Pulled over and made the find. Signed log and replaced as found. TFTC 
Found it 06/21/2014You found  FLBPVisit Log
We have found caches in this park before. After reading about their fates we were very careful today to not alarm the couple playing tennis. We were able to out wait them, they were about finished, and then made the find. Signed log and replaced as found. Thanks for placing and maintaining a cache here. 
Found it 06/21/2014You found  CB SERIES #2 LUCYVisit Log
We set out to enjoy this first day of summer by driving some back roads and finding some caches which didn't require extensive hiking or bushwhacking. This one popped up first and we made the find. Thanks for the fun.