Sunday, August 17, 2014


Our first (and maybe last) solo Whereigo.  Caching is easy compared to this!

Found it 08/17/2014You found  Historic Traverse City Visit Log
We made finding this cache into quite an adventure. From start to finish it took us two weeks. We had done a Wherigo last winter with our daughter as part of the Cacheapaloza event in Florida. This is the first one we've tried on our own. We got to stage 1 and struck out. A return trip still did not yield the required name to us. I spent a couple of days thumbing through a number of local history books in our library as well as the Visitor's Center and Horizon Books. Finally we spent an afternoon at the library reading past issues of the Record Eagle. Success at last! We got a chuckle when we realised that they are providing the material for the new Hotel Indigo and have their name plastered all over it.
Today we took our information back to Stage 1 and were able to continue. When we read the CO's write up of the State Theater, we were a little disappointed that he failed to mention that it was named the #1 theater in the entire world by a film industry news site operated by the Motion Picture Association of America. Also, USA Today labeled the venue one of nation's "10 greatest places to see a movie in splendor."
But we answered the questions and moved on. We got to the location of the final and were surprised by the length of the bushwhack through chest high Bracken Ferns that is involved. Thank God for Deet!
Made the find, signed the log, left our card, and replaced the ammo can as we found it. TFTC