Friday, April 06, 2007

April **S**N**O**W**

"April showers bring may flowers" so the saying goes. It's so common to have April showers that there's a sweet old song about it. I have no idea what all of this snow will bring. Our tulips and daffodils are buried.

Dick took these pictures two hours ago, and the snow has not let up at all. We have a winter storm warning for all day today and overnight. They're saying to expect more snow on Easter Sunday, and that Easter will be colder than Christmas Day. It's beautiful, but enough is enough! Last year, Sniders were here on Easter Sunday, it was 65 degrees and we sat out on the deck and watched canoes and dayaks go by!

Our temp right now is 24, and the snow is falling just as heavily as ever. Dick is worried about the robins - very difficult pecking for worms on a day like this!

We're going to keep on looking for the bluebird, and listening for his song!

8:07 p.m. EDT • Freed sailors say 'confessions' coerced
• Israeli helicopters reportedly fire missiles into Gaza
• Food running out in tsunami-hit Solomons
• Obama to unveil veteran housing plan
• Geopolitics to blame for high oil prices, OPEC says
• FDA: Salmonella outbreak highlights peanut-butter risks
• Ricky Williams applies for reinstatement

I don't understand the brouhaha concerning the freed British sailors. Some are saying that Ahminejad made the UK look weak by freeing them. Huh? They are all home free and alive, and that to me should be the primary focus. It still amazes me that in these days of GPSr's and satellites and such that there can be a difference of opinion as to where they actually were when they were picked up by Iran. It should be cut and dried!