Saturday, August 03, 2013

Molly and Laith

Molly and Laith Hermiz

It was such a lovely wedding!  Our entire family was able to attend, and we had a marvelous time.

Dick rented a van, so all seven of us could travel to Grand Rapids together.  We had rooms at City Flats Hotel, the same venue as the reception.

The ceremony was at the East Congregational Church - a beautiful setting.  We were all so impressed with the really special stained glass windows.  The officiant was very personable and added many family details - he was well acquainted with the Lichtenbergs.

The reception room was beautifully decorated, and just the right size for all of us.  I believe there were approximately 180 or so attendees.  We were all seated at the same table, and the rest of the T.C. relatives were at the next table - very thoughtful seating.  The chocolate pretzel favors were yummy, the dinner was very nice, but for us the most fun was watching the dancing!  Tom and Dylan always enjoy it so much, and tonight was no exception.  The DJ alternated between rock and Chaldean - and both were extremely entertaining.

We had a chance to meet Laith - had a nice conversation with him and with Molly too.  We loved every minute of this event.

Congratulations Molly and Laith!

Big time dancers!  Dylan and Laurie, Lauren and Lydia