Monday, August 19, 2013

Mr. Marshal, Lake Ann and Black Bear

Marsh stopped in for a visit this morning.  He was on his way home from kayaking in the U.P.  We had a nice lunch and a great visit.

Our 18th August find was over in Lake Ann.  Another great day for a ride.  We have had a series of splendid days!  Heat is on the way, though, so we're wnjoying being temperate while we can!

 08/18/2013    You found  Lake Ann Needs Another Cache!         Visit Log
We went for a ride around the lakes and wanted to earn our souvenir for Aug. 18. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to claim Day 18. Signed log and replaced as found. TFTC

On the way home from Lake Ann, we drove past 4805 Black Bear Lane, another condo prospect.  It's in Black Bear Farms, off Cedar Run Road.  Nice location, nice neighborhood, although not very woodsy, but nice.