Monday, August 09, 2010

Jury Duty - or Not

Dick has been summoned for jury duty in Grand Rapids for the Federal Distict Court. Originally, they wanted him to report on July 26th, the Monday after Genfest, when our kids would be here. He appealed that, and was granted a postponement.

Next, he was told to call on Friday, Aug. 6 to be told when to report to Grand Rapids. He called on the 6th. He was told to call back on Monday, Aug. 9th to see if he had to report on Tuesday.

This morning we packed our suitcases and filled our garment bags so we would be ready to get down to G.R. He called this afternoon, and now the story is that he should call back on Friday the 13th to see if he should report next week. They have summoned prospective jurors through number 55, and Dick is number 59. He is slowly becoming a nervous wreck - can't take the indecisiveness. We cancelled the hotel, but we're keeping our bags packed.

We would like to be here the week of the 16th because the Sniders are going to be in Northern Michigan and we would love to have them hang out around here for a few days that week. This whole Jury thing is making it very difficult to solidify plans for the rest of the summer.

On one hand, being on a jury might be a very interesting experience to have. On the other hand, it's a bit of an annoyance. After all is said and done, good citizenship is the trump card.