Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sugar Bush

The annual Sugar Bush Pancake Dinner was on St. Patrick's Day this year. We got to James and Sheryl's around 11 a.m., and there were already many caching teams there. The final count at the end of the day was 42 teams in attendance - kind of hard to do an actual head count.

Dick grabbed some green food coloring at the last minute from the grocery store on the way over because he thought it would be fun to make a couple of green pancakes in honor of the day. The green pancakes turned out to be a big hit - who would have thought?

Things were very well organized and everything went smoothly. The only real glitch all day was that the circuits in the Township Hall couldn't handle all of the pancake griddles - but with the help of a generator it was accomplished.

Sheryl is a super event organizer - she had the cooking all figured out down to the last stick of butter. It was a beautiful day weather-wise - cold but with blue skies and warm sun - it was perfect.

The CacheHound and Mrs. Bend, Susie and Me, Dick and Dino