Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Coin

Worker Bees

Yesterday Laurie and Chip went into caretaker mode and cleaned and polished everything in sight.

We have new river tubes and the older tubes are all washed off and inspected. Chip trimmed the boardwalk edges. He looked like a real pro running that trimmer complete with goggles and ear plugs. Laurie washed the bocci ball set and the playground swings. She watered all of the plants and just generally cleaned up.

Jana and Dylan played in the river, and then swept the entire boardwalk. Dick and Chip loaded up every stray item and went to the dump and then Dick mowed the entire property!

I rode around in my golf car and kept an eye on everything as the official documentarian. I liked my job the best.

Laurie and Chip worked all afternoon and were still looking for things to do.

We celebrated all of the hard work with dinner at Mongolian Barbecue.

By the way, while we're on the subject, does anybody else think that Mongolian Barbecue is going downhill? Things seemed a little off - for instance, the salad bar and the food bar both needed replenishing and wiping up - they weren't neatly maintained. The counter where you wait by the grill was sticky and badly needed to be wiped off. There was spilled food on the steps, and spilled beverages on the floor - I was really quite shocked. Plus - when the waitress brought brown rice and I asked for white rice, she indicated that they were out of white rice - what's up with that? Dylan ordered raspberry lemonade, and as it turned out they were out of that too.

But the food was good and everyone enjoyed it, so that's the bottom line. But I still think the manager needs to crack the whip a little bit.

Mom's service is tomorrow morning and the forecast looks like rain. As Dick said, we have lots of umbrellas. The forecast for GenFest looks wonderful.