Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Laberdee & Lenawee

Today we did some power caching and placed our coin for Monroe County and for Lenawee County. There are so many micros in SE Michigan that it's hard to find a container that can hold the coin!

It was a beautiful day for a drive, and we found some wonderful places. For instance, neat, well-manicured farms with great flower gardens and green, green lawns. Also nice new roads, and pretty new subdivisions. My favorite road name was Laberdee in Lenawee County. It made me giggle to think of how silly it would be if someone named Larabee lived on Laberdee in Lenawee! Whee!

We ate lunch at Tiffany's Pizza in Dundee - another double e word! While we were there, we saw a really attractive family, two of whom were Little People.

In a Lenawee County Park, Dick found 2 caches. It was interesting because there were orange cones all over the place - Dick said that it was probably for a cross country meet. Sure enough, when the cone-setters came by on their utility vehicle, they said that 12 cross country teams would be there at 4 p.m.

We were totally bummed by not being able to find a cemetery cache which was listed as a park and grab, so it should have been the easiest - but even though we went there twice, we couldn't find it. I found a cache in Adrian's Heritage Park, and so that was fun! Altogether we found 7, which is good. We left home at 8:30 and got back at 4:30 - a full day!
Dick's logs:
9/18/2007 You found Amber's Hidden Cache (Traditional Cache)
We are on a quest to find a cache in each of Michigan’s 83 counties. It is interesting to observe the regional differences in cache types. We have been chuckling about what appears to be a micro fetish in the southern part of the state. This cache is in a neat area of a very nice park. It cracked us up. The Ziploc could easily contain a full sized log book and numerous trade items, instead, complying with the regional preference, it contains a micro container. TN,LN,SL,TFTC

Didn 9/18/2007 You couldn't find Team Rod & Tod's First Park & Grab (Traditional Cache)
The cords repeatedly took us to a set of tomb stones and the bushes by them. We found some great spots across the road but couldn't find the cache.

Found it 9/18/2007 You found "R" E.R. (Traditional Cache)
Yeah! A regular sized cache! We are working on finding a cache in each of Michigan’s 83 counties. In each new county that we find we are launching one of our 50th Anniversary coins so we need a container large enough to contain it. The plethora of micros in this area has made it difficult. Thank you for giving us a container large enough for our Lenawee County coin. Launched it and dropped off another. We traded bug wipes and glow sticks for a McToy and hand sanitizer. Thanks for the hunt.

Found it 9/18/2007 You found Tamarack Cache (Traditional Cache)
This summer we established a goal that we want to have found a cache in each of Michigan’s 83 counties by next July. In each new county that we find we are launching one of our 50th Anniversary commemorative coins. Today we placed our Monroe County coin in this cache. This was an easy find and the container was a welcome break from the barrage of micro’s we have been experiencing. The trash in the area of the cache was disconcerting, who but our fellow cachers would come back here? We took a Wizard and a bag of trash, left our coin and a Spiro game. The zip lock was torn so we replaced it. We managed to avoid entering Cabela’s so we took our money with us too. Thanks for placing a cache that was big enough for our coin.

Found it 9/18/2007 You found Dundee's Dam (Traditional Cache)
Long before Geocaching, we visited this area on numerous occasions. The coordinates were about 40 feet off for us. They placed us in the middle of the parking lot. We were looking for a container large enough for a geocoin and thought this park could hold one but overlooked the southern Michigan micro fetish. Found after a short search, wish I’d had gloves or a larger mirror. We signed the log and left a “Luck of the Irish” token to celebrate their 38 zip effort at The Big House Saturday.

Found it 9/18/2007 You found SQ - Piece Of Cake (Traditional Cache)
Fascinating cemetery. We notice that there seem to be a lot of these caches in southern Michigan. Maybe this is because of a lack of public lands down here in the "Flat Lands". LN,TN,SL,TFTC.

Found it 9/18/2007 You found Forgotten, But Not Lost (Traditional Cache)
Wow! A traditional sized container! We loved it! The park was being set up for a CC meet but since they were riding in little ATV’s they couldn’t sneak up on us. Left a box of Crayolas and replaced a torn baggie. Thanks for the break from micros.

Found it 9/18/2007 You found Podunk Michigan (Unknown Cache)
This must have taken a lot of work. Very nice hide. A couple of coaches were setting up a big CC meet and they almost caught us. TN,LN,SL,TFTC.

Found it 9/18/2007 You found Michigan Rt.23 (Traditional Cache)
The container is busted and the contents were on the ground. The log book is soaked. We removed the TB and replaced the cache as best we could but it really needs work. Not sure this rest area needs two.