Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sweet Sunday

 Overnight some one smashed into our mailbox and broke the post.  We didn't hear anything, so we had no idea.  Dick searched around for a note from the culprit, but there wasn't one.

 Jana is ill and has postponed her arrival until Christmas Day.  It works out well, because Chip is working Christmas Day, so we'll be celebrating on the 26th anyway.  We are all hoping that she feels better soon!

Laurie fixed brunch for us all this morning - and we got to see Tom for the first time since his arrival last night.  The brunch was yummy, and we had fun talking about computer games, gun control, and movies.

Dick and I came back over to Cricket Court, and the three of them went shopping.  It seems Tom didn't want to wait until the last minute to get his shopping done!

Shopping over, they came over here to hang out together.   While they were here, there was a knock at the door.  It turned out to be a sweet lady named Delsey, who is one of our neighbors.  She was the mailbox culprit!  She and her family took responsibility for the damage, and they are going to repair it themselves!  Hooray for good neighbors.

 Tom and Laurie went out shopping again, this time for just a little bit, and Dylan stayed with us.  When they got back, we all had a chance to talk to Jana - she seems slightly better today.  I'm glad she has one more day to rest up.  Later we all had dinner here, and then watched Oceans 13 on TV.  Kind of a nice, mellow day.