Sunday, October 07, 2007

Saline Dias

Pardon the pun.

The Ann Arbor News sports page article about yesterday's game had a headline that said Michigan's victory was "Satisfying Enough". I wouldn't have said that - I would have said that the victory was "OK", or maybe "We'll Take It". But satisfying? Well, no.

We were outside at 8:30 this morning, headed to Saline for more caching before the day got too warm. At our first stop, the humidity was already uncomfortable even though the temp was only 71 at that time. As the day wore on, the temp got up to 90. The high temps don't bother you as much when you spend the time between outings in an air conditioned car!

Saline is a really attractive town - the downtown area looks vital and viable, the neighborhoods are well-maintained, the city parks are numerous, and the outlying subdivisions are filled with McMansions. The US12 approaches to Saline are booming with everything a town needs - all the fast food, groceries and warehouse shopping that one could ask for. The surrounding country roads are so pleasant to drive - nice farms, gorgeous barns, and huge fields.

I was really disappointed with the Oak Hill Cemetery. The gate was closed and padlocked - on a Sunday afternoon! I felt like they slammed the door in my face. We especially loved one stage of the Tour de Saline series of 10 - we are thinking of duplicating that one. We also really liked the Tour Through Saline (yes, they are two different series), and we're thinking of copying that one as well.

I helped Dick search for a couple of these, but he basically did the whole day by himself, and found everything!

Found it 10/7/2007 You found Tour through Saline (Multi-cache)
We enjoyed this cache very much. It's hard to believe this was a first effort.Despite multiple muggles at the final, we were able to grab the cache, sign the log while admiring the sculpture garden, and replace it. Thanks for the fun.

Found it 10/7/2007 You found Tour de Saline - Marpool / Canterbury Park (Traditional Cache)
Found the pricker free route. The house and yard to the north(the one with the caboose) is amazing! Not many muggles this warm Sunday morning. Thanks for the series and thanks for the cache.

Found it 10/7/2007 You found Down by the pond (Traditional Cache)
We went after this one Sunday afternoon as the thermometer and humidity were both climbing toward 90. Once the GPS settled down it was an easy find. SL,TN,LN. Thanks for the hunt.

Found it 10/7/2007 You found Tour de Saline - Teft Park (Traditional Cache)
This was our first find on a Sunday in which temperatures are forecast to approach 90. A very cool hide. It had us scratching our heads, we may have to copy it. Thanks for the fun.

Found it 10/6/2007 You found Always Pittsfield (Multi-cache)
We did this one this afternoon with summer weather. This is one of our least favored caches. we just can't get into enjoying exploring the ditches along a busy highway. TNLNSL

Found it 10/6/2007 You found Rec Center Micro (Traditional Cache) [visit log]
In Saline on a hot muggy Sunday. Nice walk and because of the excellent cords, it was a quick find. Thanks for the hunt