Monday, June 09, 2014

Murphy's Law

The  phrase "Murphy's Law" (anything that can go wrong will go wrong)  may soon be changed to Steiger's Law.

We have waited a week for a new part to arrive for our new dryer.  The service man from Max's came out this morning with the replacement switch for this new Hotpoint dryer, made by GE  (don't buy one).  When he was finished, he waved goodbye and said "You're good to go".  One would think that the problem had been solved, n'est-ce pas?  Well think again.

The problem reared its ugly head again during the first load.  That's right, the first load.  it stopped early, there had been no heat, and it refused to restart.  So now I had a dryer full of wet clothes, and a washer full of more wet clothes.  By then it was too late to call Max's, so we'll deal with it tomorrow. It's our new hobby.