Saturday, October 11, 2014

Anticipation/ Excavation !

Errands in the morning - fun driving around in our new car!

We went back out to look at our hole in the ground.  Progress has been made, and most of the framing for the footings has been done.  My fingers are crossed for continued fast progress!

And now for something entirely different from

The Wolverines, playing with a tattered offense, clawed and scrapped and fought -- and even limped -- their way out of hell, for now, with an 18-13 win over Penn State. They found out that they can win a football game again. They found out that not quitting was the right move. They found out what leadership means. And, just as important, they found out that -- despite nasty talk of boycotts and protests angeneral rage -- they've still got perhaps the biggest fan base in America supporting them.