Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Flat, Flat, Flat

Found 5 caches in Arkansas today. They seem to like the wet cache in the light pole the best. Oh well.

Poor Eastern Arkansas is not the most lovely region I've ever seen. It's flat, flat, flat. It's really just a flood plain for the Mississippi for miles and miles. They grow rice, cotton, and soy beans that we know of. It's 90% junky looking with only 10% nice looking homes. Sorry, Arkansas.

We drove on a loose gravel road on the top of a levee for several miles in search of a cache that we could not find. When we turned off the levee, we went across a stone bridge - we thought it had a dead animal along one side, but it turned out to be two dogs curled up together and sleeping on the warm stone.

The temp. got up to 73 and it felt like summer -nice breezes all day.

We met a man whose house had been destroyed a year ago by a tornado - he owns 4,000 acres and grows mostly rice. He owns all kinds of huge farm equipment. We were parked at the farm cache of his son when he pulled up in his pickup and said "Didja find it?" He loves to travel and loves to talk. This man lost his home, his workshop, and many pieces of equipment, but he was very cheerful. He said his brother was just elected to the Arkansas legislature as a representative. He invited us to have a ham sandwich, but we said we had more caches to find. His name was Charlie Brown, I kid you not.

We did like the city of Marion - it seemed more like a real place - a county seat with a nice residential area - but even Marion has a major highway through the town - such bad planning. We ate lunch at Big John's and talked to the waitress - she has family in Greenville.