Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Grayling Meet, Greet and Eat

The AuSable Valley Expo will be April 24 and 25. Just like last year, a geocachers' meet and greet was planned to coincide with the Expo. The trouble is, there was nobody to take charge of it for various reasons - job training, and the opening of trout season for instance. We discussed it and decided we would give it a try - we've never hosted an event before, but this was just a small group last year so we figured that we could handle it.

We met with Misty at the Grayling Days Inn, and she was terrific. She offered the room, sloppy joes, beverages, and prizes for the meet and greet. It was a super meeting, and she was very cooperative and easy to work with.

We had lunch at Tim and Susie's house - home made soup, sandwiches and cookies - you just can't beat it! It was a lovely lunch, or as Dick said, "Good stuff!" We always have a good time with them.

At home we both worked on a web page for the meet and greet. It should be published soon so people can make plans. I thought it was just about perfect, so we submitted it. Guess what?! It was not approved. Tiki, the reviewer, said it didn't sound like an event just for geocachers, and he had to follow the guidelines. Interestingly enough, the same scenario was approved last year, so we are slightly befuddled with his rejection. We made some changes, re-submitted it, and haven't heard back. Dick says he's not going to jump through any more hoops, and if it's not approved, someone else can do it.