Monday, December 06, 2010

Ocean Caching

This was a glorious day to be outside. Perfect for geocaching! We began with breakfast at Perkins, and then drove out to Hutchinson Island to see what's new.

Found it 12/07/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] Rx Mag-Lite
We love our Nuvi but the downside is that when the cache saturation is high, it "Dings" constantly. Today's goal was to thin out caches along Federal by either finding them or putting them on our Ignore list. This was a find. TFTC

Found it 12/06/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] You Can't Always Count On Rain
This was our first extensive caching expedition on this year's Florida trip. We chose this brisk sunny day to drive out to the island. Grabbed this one on our way north. TFTC

Found it 12/06/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] Optical Illusion
Unique hide, a little scary though. TFTC

Found it 12/06/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] Uncle Johnnie's Kayak Ramp
We pulled up and noticed that there was a muggle sitting in a pick up at the top of the ramp. We scouted the area and then were about to call the search off, when I returned to the car, the truck left. A quick search yielded the prize. The problem I have with this type of container is that it often takes me longer to replace the log than it does to find it. TFTC

Found it 12/06/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] Just Ducky
After spending the morning seeking caches out on the island, we decided to grab a few on the way back to our rental. Neat hide, we got lucky. TFTC

Found it 12/06/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] Sewall's Point Meadow
Thanks for bringing us to this beautiful neighborhood. It certainly is a pleasant area. For me it was more difficult to get everything back into the container than it was to find it. TFTC

Found it 12/06/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] Grim Graham
Since we are just visiting, it took us a while to figure out what GRIM means. This was a great day for a drive. TFTC

Found it 12/06/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] Walton Rocks Entrance
A nice brisk, sunny day for a drive to see the island. TFTC

Found it 12/06/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] The Longest Day
The men and women of that generation pulled together as they faced and defeated the Great Depression and then the Axis Powers in WWII. By the 1950's the US was by far the beacon of hope for the world. They left us a great heritage. We think of them often as we watch the rancorous efforts of today's politicians dealing with our nations problems.
The log book is soaked, we replaced it with an emergency log but it will need attention. Took nothing, left a Juneau Steamboat token. TFTC

Write note 12/06/2010 You posted a note for [Traditional Cache] Crackers and Milk
After reading the past logs, we passed over this one.

Found it 12/06/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] Going Greene
An ammo can? What are you thinking? Surely you could have found a place here for a micro. We loved the hide, the find, and the cache but then we are renegades from up north. Thanks for breaking the mold! The only green thing we had in our cache bag were some Off insect wipes. Traded for a small notebook. Thanks for the fun!

Didn 12/06/2010 You couldn't find [Traditional Cache] Blue Orchid
Ouch! We just aren't cacher enough for this evil one.

Found it 12/06/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] My Home Away From Home
Sneaky, Sneaky, Sneaky! We found it as we were wrapping up our tour of the island. We're glad to see the beach has reopened. It's scary to see the power that the ocean has along the shore line.

Found it 12/06/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] Rub a Dub Dub.
We are touring the spots we love in this part of Florida. Today's goal was a drive up Hutchinson Island and back. (And to gather up the caches which have been placed since our last trip.) We have been keeping track of the efforts to preserve and protect Bathtub Beach. It is our grandson's favorite. We are happy to see it reopened. We found your cache on a beautiful, brisk, sunny day. TFTC

(This is what the last hurricane did to Bathtub Reef. The powere of the ocean is awesome.)

We had lunch at Prawnbroker, which was kind of a joke for us because we thought the name of the restaurant was "Pawnbroker", and I thought that was an extremely odd name for a rstaurant. It was a beautiful place in Sewall's Point. Not until I saw the menu did I realize that it was actually Prawnbroker, which is kind of a cute name for a seafood place!

Our first Christmas card! We're having our mail forwarded to Laurie's house and it takes a while for it to get hre - so we haven't had much mail yet. But in our Cricket Court mailbox was this anonymous card in a blank envelope - Happy Holidays to you too !

I love the purple shrubberies that are so popular down here. The color is just amazing, and it's a treat to see the flowers in December.