Sunday, April 07, 2013

Dick Wrote This Blog :)

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  Found it 04/07/2013

We stayed up late last night watching our guys send Syracuse home from Atlanta.  (You know, the NCAA Final Four...)

 We were both pretty keyed up after watching The Blue come through so sleep was hard to come by and this morning we were both pretty groggy. (Are we getting too old for this? Why is it that the last five minutes of the game always seem to take an hour?)

The weather this morning when we finally got up was a nasty mix of rain and snow, cold and damp. Good day to sit by the fireplace with the lap tops and read the sports pages. When the weather finally cleared, cabin fever set in and I decided to celebrate last night's Wolverine victory by looking for this nearby cache.

I approached GZ and spotted a likely hiding spot, a large dead oak with a good sized opening in it facing away from the trail. The perfect northern Michigan hiding spot, maybe large enough for an ammo can. I walked up to it and, before reaching down in to feel for the cache, I took a peek to see if I could spot it.

WHOA!!! It looked back at me. Rocky lives there. Cute little face. I thought to take his picture but the noise he was making did not sound friendly and I was not wearing gloves. I backed off and waited to see if he would pop his head up and pose but he stayed hunkered down in his lair.

The cache was spotted less than 10 feet away. Signed the log and decided to let the raccoon do the dance. Thanks for the adventure! This is not one I'll forget. Maybe the next to find can get a picture of him.