Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday - International Day

We drove through Canada, from Port Huron to Niagara. Ontario is a lot like Michigan, until you get to the Lake Ontario area. Then it starts looking more like an escarpment area.

New York state from Niagara to Corning is very beautiful - it has many outstanding features - rock faces, huge hills, scenic valleys - great scenery!

Dick wanted me to tell about this place we stopped at called The Barn - but I told him that there are some things that you just don't want to remember - we ate somewhere else!

Dick found 4 caches here in Corning. One was at a boat launch on the Chemung River - I took a couple of pictures because it was such a pleasant area.

Corning, New York is the home of the Corning Glass Works. They make Corning Ware and Corelle dishes, for example. They have a huge museum in town, and there are historical plaques everywhere. Steuben Glass is there, too. Steuben opened up later and for a shorter period of time.

Market Street is the tourist area here - but a lot of things were closed because it was Sunday - so we just had pizza in the room. Note to self - cheese bread from Pizza Hut is not good. It's nothing like Jet's or Mancino's.