Thursday, February 28, 2008

February Collage

It has been such a long time since I wrote anything! I'm not sure why exactly - maybe I burned out from all of the Florida blogging! So this is a brief synopsis of our February, 2008!

It has been a fine month for us. The weather has been cold and snowy since we got home, but it's very nice inside by the fire.

We've been going to the gym again and it's been fun re-connecting with everybody there. The exercises feel good, too. It takes a couple of visits to get back to where we were before we went to Florida.

One Wednesday we had a great lunch with Tim and Susie at the Olive Garden and that was as enjoyable as it always is. They were in town to buy things for the new addition to their home in Grayling.

We had dinner with Sharon and John at Champp's in Dewitt on the Friday evening before the MiGO Winter Social. It was fantastically fun catching up on our nephews' activities and plans. We made plans to have GenFest at the river on August 3, the day after Adam and Melanie's wedding.

The Winter Social was enjoyable. As usual, the part that was the most fun for me was the silent auction. I'll show you my new bracelet anytime you want! It was interesting to talk to Radman's mother - holy cow - none of us was quite sure how much of her story to believe! She's a most unusual person. I enjoyed talking to Tim, Susie, Lydia, Jerry, Justin and Heather and everybody else - it was impossible to touch base with everyone! The business meeting was too late, too long and too boring, but dinner at the Draft House with T&S made up for it! Hooray for popcorn and nachos!

Today we met with Diane at Triple A to finalize plans for our cruise with Sniders in May. I get very excited just thinking about cruising the Baltic and visiting all of the Scandinavian countries! We'll be gone from May 18 to May 30.

Tomorrow is Leap Year Day - kind of like getting a free day :)