Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Petoskey Run

It was a yucky day for doing anything outside - cold, misty, damp and gray. Our plans were to meet Tim and Susie near Petoskey, do some caches, and then visit Don in the Hospital. So what did we do? Press on regardless! Off we went through the mist, and everything went off just as planned, and it was a bunch of fun. We had a ton of enjoyment and a lot of laughs, and only one DNF (did not find).

Don should be home by now - they were planning on discharging him today. I hope they sent him home with good pain meds. He seemed to be in good spirits.

After a great lunch at the Mitchell Street Pub, we tried some more caches and had some success - but this was certainly our day to run into muggles. Who would think so on such a wet day?

This is the log that Dick wrote when we got home - it's a hoot:
5/16/2007 You found Bear River (Traditional Cache)

On a cold (42°) misty, rainy day, we teamed with the Dino Duo on a Capt. Bud rescue mission. We had been notified by the First Mate that the Captain was imprisoned with out proper sustenance in the Petoskey Hospital. Although spinal surgery left him with some discomfort, being deprived of his namesake nourishment had put him in excruciating pain that even the most potent of pharmaceuticals could not numb. We ramped up for our mission by acquiring this and a few other caches and then assaulted the Hospital grounds. Our appearance had an almost immediate effect because a physician appeared to consult with the Capt. and agreed that plain H2O was not having the desired effect and, after agreeing that he should be released forthwith, began to prepare the discharge orders.

Our successful rescue team followed his instructions to proceed to his favorite Pub and hoist a Bud on his behalf. We did as ordered and the only fact that kept this from being a completely successful mission was that the waitress, extremely cooperative in all other ways, refused to place the libations on the Capt's tab.

Petoskey is a truly beautiful city with many amenities, and a wonderful waterfront/park area. The road construction made navigating around downtown a little difficult, but I have to give the people of Petoskey credit for creating an impressive town.