Sunday, April 28, 2013


We ate dinner at Famous Dave's (Home of the Big Slab).  Our waitress was Famous Emily - a cute introduction :)  The food was good, but Famous Emily seated us in a back room, sort of all by ourselves.  We really like to be able to see the other diners - you know, the people watching thing.
We had a good time anyway, and Emily was fun.
Found it 04/28/2013You found Chewin' a cud Visit Log
We thought there would be a plaque explaining the bull but drew a blank. The restaurant was not open at 6PM on a Sunday, maybe it's out of business. We went to the rib joint instead - good food.
The log is too wet to sign. We used a scrap of note paper. Thanks for the cache but the log should be replaced.
Found it 04/28/2013You found Out Back - A Tribute to Wascalley Wabbit's 1K Visit Log
Just passing through on our way back to the Northland. We have a cute little TB that wants to visit. We would have had dinner here but wanted ribs. TFTC.