Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grand Junction, Colorado to Beaver, Utah

We had a glorious drive today - the scenery in southern Utah is just astounding. Around every curve, we said "WOW!" I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves;

As soon as we got to Beaver we started looking for caches. The first one we found was by an alpaca farm - These have to be the cutest mammals in existence!!

Caching in Utah - this was the only tree from here to the horizon!

Pioneers had to have been the hardiest, bravest, most adventuresome people that there ever were - this wagon is very small and looks creaky and uncomfortable. So glad I was born in the 20th century!

We found the caching around Beaver to be very disappointing. The caches are not well maintained at all - several are missing and not archived. We did manage to find five - but I have to say that caching in Michigan is much more fun. We now have found caches in 49 States! Ta-da! Next Spring - Hawaii.