Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Class

We surely enjoyed watching the Michigan game - it was very exciting at the end, and we cheered vigorously. Thank you, Team! However...

If you are feeling all tingly and joyful about Univ. of Mich. beating Notre Dame, read this article. It will bring you crashing back down to earth. Things like this leave us in total disgust for he who shall not be named.

West Virginia Football: Rich Rodriguez Loved To Recruit Thugs
By Frank Ahrens (Senior Writer) on June 13, 2008

Exactly how many thugs did Rich Rodriguez recruit during his seven years at West Virginia University?

Do the players think that new coach Bill Stewart is a pushover because he doesn’t scream and curse like Rodriguez? Is that why they think they can get away with the boneheaded and/or criminal behavior we’ve set out below?

Or were they simply thugs all along, and it was only a matter of time until their true nature found an opportunity to exploit?

Stewart must feel like a new judge taking over a caseload of criminals from a retired judge who just couldn’t be bothered to sentence any of them.

Since Stewart has taken over following WVU’s Fiesta Bowl rout of Oklahoma, he has:

Kicked RB Eddie Collington, DL James Ingram and LB John Holmes off the team for possession and intent to distribute drugs. Smart.
Kicked S Charles Pugh off the team for—get this—allegedly picking up a set of car keys from a table in the student union then using the panic button to find the car in the adjacent parking garage. Then, he and a woman entered the car, stole a credit card, and racked up nearly $2,000 in purchases.
Kicked TE Evan Rodriguez off the team for assaulting a female student. Nice.
According to West Virginia media, applied team discipline to RB Noel Devine and WR Jock Sanders after charges were filed against the pair following a fight with students.

Last August, CB Ellis Lankster and LB J.T. Thomas were arrested for stealing a laptop form a student’s house and trying to fence it. Again, smart. They were suspended for several games.

Earlier last summer, S Quinton Andrews and okay-now-he’s-coming-back-for-real RB Jason Gwaltney spent the night in the Morgantown pokey after a dustup with cops.

All of this has landed WVU at the No. 2 spot on the vaunted Every Day Should Be Saturday’s Fulmer Cup, which awards points to college football student athletes based on arrests, convictions and so forth. (Barely behind Mizzou.)

What are we to make of all this?

Andrews has been a known problem for most of his time at WVU.

Lankster came from a JuCo. We’d hate to over-generalize, but if we did, we’d note that players with Division I talent who opt for the JuCo route do so because they don’t have the academic credentials to go straight into Division I. Now, if we over-generalized even further, we’d note that dumb athletes also often are violent. It’s why Bob Huggins got his bad-JuCo rep at Cincinnati.

Pugh’s mom said in the West Virginia media that her boy Charles didn’t act alone, implying that a woman with Pugh urged her son to become a criminal. As my friend Ann likes to say, “P***y make you crazy!”

Charles, however, died the way he lived: His uni number was 15, which made sense. He was forever drawing 15-yard personal foul penalties for late hits out of bounds and other unsportsmanlike behavior.

Devine had a crazy troubled childhood: nine kids by six different women, both parents dead, etc. However, nothing in his past indicated violence.

And let us not forget the all-time braindead Mountaineers brought to Morgantown by Rodriguez: Pacman Jones, recently reinstated to the NFL after a one-year suspension, and Chris Henry, who just today was suspended by the NFL indefinitely for being arrested about six times in eight states.

It should be clear by now that Rodriguez cared much more about 40-yard-dash times than character. And because of that, he left Stewart a mess to clean up.

Rodriguez: The gift that keeps on giving.

Notre Who?

Robinson Rallies Football to Victory at Notre Dame


Quarterback Denard Robinson capped a school-record day (502 total yards -- 258 rush, 244 pass) with a two-yard touchdown rush with 27 seconds remaining to rally the Wolverines to a 28-24 win at Notre Dame.

September 11

Remembering a day that tore down our innocence of what a human is capable of. Not only the hate and destruction, but the way strangers will give their lives to help someone they have never met.

(from my niece Pam. Couldn't say it any better.)