Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This morning, these cranes wished us a good morning outside the kitchen window. At home we have a couple dozen turkeys who greet us every day. This is quite a change!

This morning we did some caching in Jensen Beach, just north of the Roosevelt bridge.

Here are Dick's logs:
12/15/2010 You couldn't find Room at the top Visit Log
Dang!! Another DNF. We gave this a quick look but our time was running out. We had a lunch date with Sugarwar and had to cut the hunt short.
12/15/2010 You found Wolverine Visit Log
Being loyal Michiganders and life time Wolverine fans (Grads, children of grads, grand children of grads, parents of 3 grads) we HAD to find this one. And NO we did not bring this weather down with us! Signed the log and left our micro card. TFTC
12/15/2010 You found Cxing's Very Skary Shari! Visit Log
We had some errands to run this morning in Jensen Beach and then a luncheon appointment. We got the errands done with some time left over and decided to grab a few. As the previous logger said, " The wife beat me to it"
Signed the wet log and drove on to the next. TFTC
12/15/2010 You found Temporary Insanity Visit Log
We had some time before lunch to grab a few caches. This was a nice walk from the Cracker Barrel parking lot and a quick find of an interesting hide. Considering an earlier log, we have had quite a number of discussions about the etiquette involved in dealing with a find when in a group. If one simply shouts "Got it!!" and grabs the container, then they are depriving the others of the pride of the find. We decided that the best thing to do is to sit down, signaling that you have made the find and allow the others to continue the hunt if they wish. We know that such behavior cuts into the numbers for the day but it does allow others to sharpen their geosense.
The log is too wet to sign but we did our best. TFTC
12/15/2010 You found Payback Visit Log
The wooden structures threw us. We couldn't figure out what their purpose could be. Thankfully we were scheduled for lunch with Sugarwar. Not only did we have great ribs, we had a fun conversation about caching, families, life in Michigan and in Florida. In the process, they explained the arbors to us. We appreciated the hide. A container which obviously required some thought, planning and effort is so much more enjoyable to find than a film can under a rock. Thanks for your creativity.
12/15/2010 You couldn't find It's A Snap Visit Log
Not a snap for us today. Not sure what our problem was here. Perhaps we just didn't spot it or perhaps it's in or under the pile of fresh cut brush at GZ
12/15/2010 You found No Justice Visit Log
We love creative hides!! Another nice one. Signed the log and left a Compass Rose tag. Thanks for your efforts in creating the hide.

At one o'clock we met Sue Ellen and Gary at the Park Avenue Grill for ribs and conversation. They are a fun couple and we had a great two hour lunch! As Dick said, we discussed Florida, Michigan, geocaching and families - all favorite subjects of ours.