Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Weekend: Friday, Pick up Laurie and Dylan

Tom and Brandy arrived last night around 8 p.m. and are staying at the Marriott in Ann Arbor. We plan to see them this evening for dinner with everybody.

We picked up Laurie and Dylan at Metro around 2:30, and then went on a mini-tour of Belleville so that Dylan can see where his Mommy grew up. Lucky for all of us, Laurie once worked at Frosty Boy!

While we were at Frosty Boy, we ran into Laurie's 6th grade teacher - a cosmic co-incidence!

Then we moved Laurie and Dylan into Snider's condo - Thank you Sniders! We spend the afternoon unpacking, getting settled in, and catching up on the latest news.

We met Tom and Brandy at 6:30 at Benihana! (It's everybody's favorite place!)


Benihana Afterglow - we went back to Snider's for ice cream, and we watched a lot of Dylan's videos and stories on the laptop.