Friday, August 27, 2010

Thanks, Mitchy

My friend Mitchy from England sent me a link to a blog she likes to read. The last two paragraphs really touched a chord in me - the blogger articulated the way I feel so well. Thanks, Mitchy.

Me? I think it's pretty obvious how I see the likely fortunes of my team based on the facts on the ground now. I see them the same way virtually everyone else who is *not* a member of the Michigan fanbase sees them. But I *am* a member of the Michigan Wolverine fanbase, born, raised, family connected. And more importantly, I am a literal Michigan Man -- ten years a card-carrying student, two doctoral degrees bearing ribbons of Maize and Blue.

For the rest of my life, any academic biography, blurb, or speaker's introduction will begin with the line MD/PhD, University of Michigan Ann Arbor.. U. Michigan shaped me, built me, was the anvil upon which the physician and the scientist I hope to be were forged. I am a son of the Maize and Blue in every way that truly counts, now and forever. And that has *nothing* to do with our fortunes on the football field, good as they once were, bad as they are now. If Michigan's football fortunes go the way of Minnesota or Indiana or any of the other schools in the Big Ten that have endured decades of mediocrity, I will still be a Michigan Man. Always be a Michigan Man. Proudly.

It is, as I have said many a time: my colors are Maize and Blue. And those colors don't run.