Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend - each day was a gem. We bought flowers, put geraniums in the cemetery, worked in the yard, just generally grooved on the start of the summer season. There was a big soccer event -huge- at the Keystone fields. We've never ever seen so many cars and people there. As a consequence, downtown was booming too - lots of foot traffic. At the marina everybody and his brother was putting in and taking out.

Memorial Gardens had all of their flags flying again this year - very inspiring. Barbie did her annual great job with the floral decorations. Dick thinks that Donald's marker needs to be replaced.

Dick is doing his usual great job of planting flowers, mowing, trimming and fertilizing! He works so hard that it makes me feel like a slug. I'm the Weak Sister of the Universe. But I'm happy to be able to be out and about to feel the sunshine and enjoy the flowers.

Since today is Memorial Day there naturally has been a lot of Iraq talk and military talk - even more than usual. Our local veterans set up a mini-cemetery of white wooden crosses in the Open Space.