Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cacheapalooza Continues

I stayed home while Dick, Laurie and Mary went back to Jonathan Dickinson State Park to do some more caching and to participate in the flash mob.  From all reports they had a fine time, and I know Dick enjoyed it immensely.

Event Cache A nifty salute to 60K, a flash mob event! 

 This was only our second flash mob. We climbed to the top of the tower for the view, some pictures, and to check the elevation for the earth cache.We came down to sign in - signed in, then got our picture took and wandered off in search of more caches and earth cache answers. This was sure a friendly group!
01/22/2012 Hobe Mountain We really enjoy most Earth Caches. Like this one they usually teach you something about your environment. As visitors to Florida we find the flora here to be highly exotic. We completed the requirements for the cache today following the flash mob at the tower. This was a lot of fun. We appreciated the ecology lesson and got a chuckle out of a number of the signs located where the plants were not apparent. (Prickly Pear Cactus?) I also was reminded of Susie "Way down yonder in the Paw Paw patch." Thanks for capping off another enjoyable day in Jonathan Dickinson.
Those three intrepid cachers found nine caches altogether today. Then Dick and Laurie waved bye bye to Mary as she headed home to Fort Lauderdale.