Monday, June 11, 2007

CSI Series

The CSI Series of geocaches is in honor of a book (Abomination) which is a murder mystery in which at least one body is found by geocachers.
It's a unique series of a dozen caches placed in many different areas
of northern and central Michigan. We regarded it as a real challenge.

We went to the U.P. last week to find some CSI
caches, and some others, too. The weather was cool and clear, and we
had a marvelous time. Crossing the Mackinac Bridge is always a special
treat. We spent the night in St. Ignace.

This week we left on
Sunday to finish the series, and we were successful. This time we spent
the night in Clare. The weather was wonderful again, but about 20
degrees warmer - in the 80s instead of the 60s. Because we finished in
a timely fashion, we'll be receiving a couple ofgeocoins, and an autographed copy of the book Abomination when it comes out next fall.

Here's Dick's log for the final caches in the series:

Home again after our second two day excursion seeking the CSI
series. We have had a fantastic time. On the way home we were in
agreement that these have been our favorite, most enjoyable caching
days yet. The weather was fantastic all four days, the caches were fun
and we saw a lot of new and beautiful territory. All told, we logged
880 miles, spent $230 for food and gas, spent two nights in motels and
logged 18 other caches in addition to the CSI series along the way. It
is hard to pick a favorite cache. Carp River scores high because of the
unusual route in, the scenery along the way and of course because one
drives across the "Mighty Mac". We give Peaceful Mountain high marks
because of the drive in on Kolka Creek Rd. It really appealed to us. An
award should also be given to Solitude. We didn't expect to find what
we think of as a true northern Michigan cache down in the "flatlands".
It was nearly five PM when we drove to the area where our solution of the
coordinate puzzle told us we should. We felt a great deal of relief to
see public lands with a trail just where we were hoping one would be.
After finding the well hidden container, we signed the log, took a
shell necklace and the "coin", left our now signature bug wipes and
returned the ammo can to its resting place. We are pleased with our
accomplishment but are left with a slight sense that it's closing night
and the final curtain has come down on our play. What are we going to
do tomorrow?
Thanks and our appreciation to Capt. Bud, Craig 333, Sleepy Weasel73, Vanman
30, Coy Chev, Gideon, (whoever you might be) and all who helped put
this series together. We are aware and appreciate the work required to
pull it off.