Sunday, September 30, 2007

Home to T.C.

It was a lovely day for a drive. We set out from Bay City, did 5 caches in 2 counties (Arenac and Gladwin), and now we have found a cache in every county in the Lower Peninsula. Yaaaay! We still have two counties to do in the U.P.

When we got home, Dick mowed the entire yard, and then we went into town to the bank and to Jiffy Lube. He also logged all of our latest finds, - he was the energizer bunny!

Yesterday was game day, and since the Big Ten Network and the cable company can't agree on a price structure, we couldn't see the game at home. Shooter's is a nice sports bar. It turned out to be a nice, loud, energetic, crowded, happy sports bar. The game began dismally, but the fourth quarter was delightful - we were very relieved and satisfied. Just wish that team would get its act together!


Henne, Wolverines Show Resolve With Win at Northwestern
Chad Henne set the U-M record for career touchdown passes with an 11-yard strike to Mario Manningham in the first quarter Saturday, Sept 29, as the Michigan football team defeated Northwestern, 28-16, on Ryan Field. NU racked up 309 yards by halftime to lead 16-7, but Henne threw his 74th career score -- a 5-yard shot to Carson Butler -- in the third quarter, and gave U-M the lead with a 16-yard bullet to Adrian Arrington with 9:53 remaining. The Wolverine defense then sealed the triumph, forcing four straight Wildcat turnovers.

I was surprised that so many people bring their children to the bar on a Saturday afternoon. One group of boys was wandering around all afternoon, totally at a loss for something to do, and nobody seemed to be in charge of them. I'm sure there were a dozen other places those boys would have rather been.

Today we're on our way back down to Ann Arbor for 2 more weeks.