Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bar Mitzvah II

Sniders' whole family:

Mike's brother Ed with Miles and Max; Jake and Adam, Kim and Mike

This is the letter that Dick sent to the kids - I couldn't say it any better!

We had a great time at the Bar Mitzvah, A good visit with Bill, Jan, and her brother Hank, on Friday afternoon and evening. This was followed by the Shabbat service. Jake had a very small part but there was a M&G after and Reiko and Erik were there. The kids stayed with Bob and Tammy.

The only downside was driving in SoCal traffic to get from Tom's to Irvine.

We had a great room (suite) at the Quality Inn at John Wayne. It was a large, beautifully landscaped 3 story complex. Our room was on the 1st floor about 50 feet from parking. The only downside was I ran out of book and they didn't have any.

Saturday started with a cook-to-order hot breakfast that was included in the room rate, and then dressing up to go back to the "temple". The service was great. It is a reformed congregation, very laid back and very personal and friendly. The entire Reines family was involved. Mike's mom Miriam, sister Sarah, who is a Rabbi, Mike's brothers and their kids, and of course Kim, Mike, Adam and Jake.

It was a hoot watching Kim read Hebrew. Parts made me laugh out loud and parts choked me up so I couldn't speak.

After the service there was a DJ, and Jake's band combined with a buffet meal.The kids ate first. The DJ was super good. He just played music while the kids ate. Then he started the action by getting the boys (aged 5 to maybe 16) involved. The first event was a musical chairs type treasure hunt. He would shout an item like "Girl's shoe" or "credit card" or "$10 bill" and the last one back with that item had no place to sit. The call for "Diamond ring" blew me away. Then the chairs were turned around and Jake's band played. He plays bass guitar. They did selections from Beach Boys to Beatles.

I thought they were good. (But what do I know?) They started in the fifth grade for a talent show and have kept at it.

Then, while the adults ate, he got the kids up and moving with "dancing", lots of hopping and clapping. Gradually he got the adults involved with more dancing. Jan and her girls are dancing animals.

We pulled the plug early. Kim was having more party at her house, both last night and today but we begged off pleading fatigue.

Then it was back on the freeway. O - M - G !!! 8 lanes wide and - Parking Lot! It took us over 30 minutes to go 15 miles! In a stick shift! If you left any room between you and the car in front, two cars would pull into it, one from each side. If you crowded the car in front, (always, it seemed, either a huge SUV or a 4x4 pick up) they would constantly slam on the brakes. I think maybe I'm getting to old for this. Rush hour at Chum's Corner looks good now.

Enjoying the celebration:

On the way back to San Diego, we drove through Oceanside and saw this sign for Steiger Real Estate. That's always fun :)