Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Dennis and Chris

This morning Laurie and Chip came over and brought us all kinds of good things.  Chip had been storing our little grill for two years, and it's now on the patio.  Laurie keeps our rental Christmas decorations - greenery, a small tree, a couple of Santas, etc.,  so now we are decorated for Christmas.  They carried in box after box of things we have ordered for gifts and shipped to their house - isn't Christmas fun?

At 1 p.m. we met Chris and Dennis for lunch at Duffy's in downtown Stuart.   We had a great two hour visit, good food, and good conversation.  We always have fun with them - it's not easy to find people who are aligned with us religiously, politically, and most other ways in this day and age.  We are really comfortable with them.

We led them back to I-95, and then headed to Laurie's house, which was very nearby.   We got a chance to see the photo book online, that she's been working on for weeks.  It's filled with beautiful pictures of Laurie and Dylan's trip to Japan last May.  It will be a real keepsake.

We hung around until Dylan got home from school - he was a little late because of after school meetings.  Then we stayed for pizza, and came home to do laundry.  We were on the road for five days before we got here, so laundry was calling me loudly.