Friday, October 15, 2010

Social Day

Hooray for breakfast at Cracker Barrel with friends! We planned to meet Dan there, and were all ready to go when Tim called from Metro and said they were heading our way - so they joined us at the Belleville Cracker Barrel. So hooray for starting the day with Dan, Tim and Susie!

After a couple of hours of lively conversation, we went over to look at the house we lived in when Laurie was born. It was just around the corner, in Quirk Sub. The neighborhood has held up really well - most homes have been added on to and refurbished. I thought our old house looked great.

Then we did some really enjoyable caching on another beautiful fall day. Here are Dick's logs:

10/15/2010 You found SQ - HotTub
We lived and taught in "Da 'Ville" for over 30 years. Many of the names here are very familiar to us. They bring back many memories. Thanks for this unique cache.

10/15/2010 You found Lonesome one
We pulled up and parked along the road and spotted the "Lonesome One" but the "Keep Out" sign on the nearby power pole gave us pause. Made a quick sprint in and out. If we were only there long enough to sign the log does that count as actually being "In" or can we claim we really did keep out?

10/15/2010 You found Quirky
This area brings back a lot of memories to us.
First, a mere 50 years ago, shortly before the birth of our first child, we rented a house on Borgman here in the sub. The houses were built at the end of WWII and sold to veterans for about $6000 with no money down. They featured two small bedrooms, living room, bath, and kitchen on a crawlspace with an unfinished attic. Perfect starter homes for the working stiff. Driving through the area today, you can see that all of them have undergone extensive renovations.
Then,for years, the micro maven taught second graders on this very spot. In time, the school evolved into a senior center before succumbing to the bulldozer.
Many thanks for placing and maintaining a neat hide that gave us a reason to visit here and relive the past.

10/15/2010 You found Take a Break
After breakfast with the Duo and a former co-worker, we said "Goodby" to them and our long time friend and made a short trip from parking. TFTC

In the late afternoon relaxing at home, Melissa P. came over so that Dick could how her how to delete pocket queries from her Nuvi. This really was a "social day".