Monday, January 23, 2012

Sugarwar's 'hood

Sue and Gary had told us at lunch the other day about the caches hidden right in their neighborhood, so naturally we had to go check them out. Once again, it was a beautiful day - just the right temperature, blue skies and plenty of warm Florida sunshine. Winter in Florida has many advantages. If it weren't for the traffic...
Our time in the warm is running out. This is the longest we've ever managed to stay away from our own "stuff". No matter how cold, there really is "no place like home". Before leaving we knew we had to check out the ocean and breath that air one more time. In addition, we had this cache and a couple of others nearby on our "must do" list. The owner is right, it is the absolute largest cache we've ever seen. We didn't have anything that would do it justice but we traded the largest coin we've ever seen for the TB and left a gator finger puppet, our tag and our card. Thanks for the fun and we're sorry we missed you at CP6. 
It's the Bee's Knees 
We got a bit of a late start on the day, still draggin' a bit from the weekend. We are winding down this years fun in the sun trip and wanted to do a few caches up here as well as get in another drive down the island. We figured we had just enough time to finish before dark if I could make this find quickly. I clocked the walk at just over 1/2 mile round trip. The clue threw me since I have a find a cache down at Battlefield Park near a tree that fit the description better than this one did. Not sure what kind that one is but it sure knows how to bite. It drew more blood than the skeeters. Anyway, I made the find, signed the log and hotfooted it back to the cachemobile in time to get out to the ocean before dark. Thanks for the fun and we hope to get together again next year.
I always want to see more ocean, so we went for a drive on the island, and stopped at a great beach. It was a very windy ocean day, but it's still such a treat to experience the colors and the power of the ocean.

We stopped for lunch at a really nice restaurant with a great staff, The Captain's Galley, at the end of the causeway in Fort Pierce. Six caches for the day.