Saturday, March 29, 2014


Today's event was an Event :)

We picked up a veggie tray at Publix, and went over to Tradition Square to attend the "Making Madness" meet and greet.  It is always interesting to meet new cachers.  I found it especially interesting to talk to Groupertoes - a truly unique individual!  I also enjoyed Team United Nations and kpub.  And of course our hosts, KrumBens.  Cachers are cachers everywhere you go - friendly and interesting.  Quite an assortment of people!

After meeting and eating, Dick went caching with four or five others.  They called their group getbendgroup - a combo of gettinlate, basswoodbend and Groupertoes.

This is the souvenir we acquired for attending this event today.

Maker Madness
Maker Madness
Acquired on 03/29/2014

Found it 03/29/2014You found  tradition 4Visit Log
We came up to Traditions today to attend KrumBens Making Madness event. After spending some time snacking and talking caching, we joined up with some of the other cachers to circle the lake and find a few caches. It is great to find a traditional sized cache in such an urban environment. After making the find, the log was signed and we left one of our new pens before putting it back where it was found. Thanks for placing and maintaining this cache. 
Found it 03/29/2014You found  A Beautiful View of the MadnessVisit Log
The group from the event cache expanded to 4 as we reached this cache site. As we prepared to start the search, gettinlate broke out a tool which put Mrs Bend's magic mirror to shame. Very neat, we'll have to get one. After signing the log and replacing the cache, we considered sitting a spell and enjoying the view but decided to score just one more before returning to the folks at the square. 
Found it 03/29/2014You found  A Team Rabit Rad Cache: Caching into MadnessVisit Log
The getbendgroup continued on around the lake on this windy day and as we approached GZ I started muttering. We have logged a number of DNF's on these "typical Florida hides". This time was different. We signed the log and put it back in the same "typical Florida" spot. BTW, this would qualify as a winter friendly hide. 
Found it 03/29/2014You found  A Bridge to MadnessVisit Log
After eating and greeting at the KrumBens Making Madness in Tradition Square! event, Mr Bend teamed up with gettinlate and Groupertoes to look for the new KrumBen caches. After a short walk, we scored the find, a FTF in fact, admired the unique container, signed the log, and replaced as found. Thanks for the fun! 
Found it 03/29/2014You found  August 6thVisit Log
This cache was a fitting cap to a fun day. It was much discussed at the event and then a group set forth to search the parking structure for it. The find was made and the log was signed. Thanks to gettinlate it was replaced as found. Thanks again KrumBens. 
Attended 03/29/2014You attended Making Madness in Tradition Square!Visit Log
Our sincere thanks go out to the KrumBens for putting on this event. We enjoyed meeting and talking to some local cachers and joining them in a search for a few caches. Thor, the God of storms and thunder was definitely smiling upon our group today, rain to the south and tornado warnings to the north but we enjoyed a day without either. We were blown away with the event. (Oh, maybe it was the wind) Again, thanks for the smiley and the souvenir.