Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kanitz Reunion Overview

All set up and ready to go! Jim, Emilie, Dick and I were helped by Kris, Linda, Paul and Marilyn, and Rex and Wanda! Marilyn says that's what cousins are for :)

Ron and Lana - Ron is 86 this year. He's the oldest surviving first cousin.

We asked people to bring blooms from their own gardens to make bouquets for the hall. There were four or five really gorgeous Kanitz bouquets - they were spectacular. The bouquets symbolize how a beautiful family is made up of many different individuals.

Kris changes from flower arranger to photographer.

Pam, Dan, Drew and Jace

Jim and me

Crowd shot - there were exactly 100 people attending.

Jim and Jack

Some cousins really got into the "decorate your own tablecloth" idea. This was our tablecloth, decoratd by Jace, Drew, Dan and Pam!

At the table next to ours, some of Loyola's kids got very creative, and were still coloring after a lot of people had left! It would have won the grand prize - if there had been prizes!

Another prize winner! (As if...)