Thursday, December 08, 2011

Are You "Sirius"?

A beautiful Florida morning - our goals were some walking, some caching, and activating our new Sirius radio.  This first picture is on Green River  Parkway - good for both walking and caching.  This is my own slow motion version of taking a walk:

Dick wanted to find a cache at Savannas State Park, so I took the opportunity of dialing Sirius to accomplish activation.  Ha!  I was connected to a man who had no idea how to do his job.  He not only didn't speak English well, he didn't understand it well either.  After an hour, he still had not completely mastered my home address.  I'm not kidding!  I repeated everything five times, and he never got it.  Finally, after wasting an hour, I just hung up.  This picture shows me in ultimate frustration mode - a new record for horrible corporate communications.  We finally did achieve activation later in the day - it was very stressful.

A gopher tortoise home?  Most likely.

I don't think we're in East Bay Township anymore:

Dick found three caches - Don't Fence Me In, Bike and Grab #4 and Bike and Grab #7.