Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Searching Florida's Counties

Having found a cache in all of Michigan's counties,  and at least one in every State, we now have a new goal.  We want to find at least one cache in every Florida County.

 We have several already, because we've been coming down in the winter for five or six years now.

Today we added Orange County, and Seminole County.   We also found one in Volusia County, but then we realized that we may have already found one there - no big deal.

We had lunch at Beef OBrady's in the town of Oviedo,  Seminole County.  We loved it.

Orange County was a bit of a shock.  The area we drove through was a depressed area for sure.  We aimed for Christmas, which we were sure was an actual town or village.  It's really just an intersection, and the surroundings are just a little creepy.  The cache we found is called "Christmas Forever", and that display is unique:

Dick is standing inches from the cache, but he doesn't know it  :)

Found it 03/25/2014You found CHEYENNE FIRST CACHE Visit Log
Our major problem with this cache was finding a clean route in to it. It has taken me a while but I have finally learned not to try a bushwhack in Florida wearing shorts. Found the container sitting out in the open so the clue made no sense. Signed the log and replaced the container where it was found. I did take some time to attempt to save it from muggles by covering it a little bit. This is our first find in Volusia County. We have established the goal of finding at least one cache in every county of the state like we did up in Michigan. This is number 19, only 48 to go. It's a lot easier making finds here in the winter than it is up there with 3 feet of snow. TFTC 
Found it 03/25/2014You found  The Return of LostMyMarbles Visit Log
We are newly created "Snow Birds" working on a goal of finding a cache in every one of Florida's 67 counties. Today we are in this area finding towns we had never heard of and didn't know existed. After Christmas we find Oviedo. I guess we had better spend more time reading Florida history books. After spending some time watching some very cute toddlers, (aren't they all?) the find was made, the log was signed and the cache was replaced. Thanks for showing us this neat little town, the athletic facilities blew us away! TFTC! Now on to Valusia. 
Found it 03/25/2014You found Christmas Forever Visit Log
Although the day started out rainy down in Palm City, the farther north we came the sunnier it got. It turned out to be another fantastic day. We came north to find a few caches in counties that we have not yet made finds in. We became "Snow Birds" this year and will be spending our winters down here. In Michigan, a few years ago, we established a goal of finding at least one cache in each of the 83 Michigan counties. Since we will now be spending significant time down here, we decided to do the same for Florida's 67. This is our first Orange County find. It would have been a DNF except that Mrs. Bend, the micro maven made the find in a spot which I thought I had just finished searching. (And she didn't even need her magic mirror) We signed the log, which is nearly full, replaced as found, and then took a little time to wander the grounds. Thanks for showing us this spot and Merry Christmas!!