Thursday, June 13, 2013


Kelly and Sidney of Assisted Moving Services came today and packed up a multitude of boxes.

Dick sorted out the books on the living room bookshelf, and he also worked on the geocaching stuff downstairs.  I did some picture and scrapbooking sorting downstairs also.

 They took away the boxes for things that we are donating.  The things that we want to keep are stacked up in the gray barn.

 Today my bedroom looks empty - no pictures, books or collectible boxes!

The dining room bookshelves are void of books - what a lot of sorting and packing.  They took all of the electronics that were in the dining room too.

They also worked downstairs, rearranging things for the picture-taking next week.  It was a lot of hard work, and next week they'll be back for more.

Lark Lawn called to tell us the tractor is fixed and ready to be picked up.  We hopped in the Jeep, hooked up the trailer and picked it up, and then Dick mowed part of the yard that's been bugging him.

Monday they'll be bringing along more muscle to move the treadmill and the stationery bike.

We have a busy weekend coming up - tomorrow Dick works at the Visitor Center, and I'll be home with the garage door opener people.  Our opener broke on last Tuesday when we came home from the gym.

Saturday we're having lunch with my high school friend Freda.  She lives on Whidbey Island in the State of Washington.  Her step-mother died recently and wanted some of her ashes scattered in the Bay.  We're meeting her for  lunch at Amical.

Sunday we're volunteering for the MEA-R at the  Parade of Homes.  The house we'll be at is in Glen Arbor.

Monday we'll be looking at condos with our agent Beccy - we're hoping to find one that we really like in a good location.

Tuesday is the meeting of the MEA-R at the offices on Barlow St.

Wednesday we'll probably do more sorting!