Friday, May 14, 2010

Such a Pleasant Day

This expedition began as a maintenance run for our cache at Walton Junction. Everything was fine there, and it was a beautiful day for a drive, so...we picked up a few on the way home:

5/14/2010 You found Wheelhouse by the bay (Traditional Cache)
Got back today but something was different! The slip is empty! The boat is gone! We sure hope that whoever took it had permission. Using the new cords and the nicer weather we made a quick find. TFTC
This cache was at the Maritime Center, and the ship
state of Michigan" had gone sailing.

5/14/2010 You found By Nine 9 o'clock the "tea" is over (Traditional Cache)
As mentioned in our log for a nearby cache, this town was my ancestral home.
(Fife Lake)
The Battenfields and George Van Pelt came here at the end of the 19th century. My great aunt Suzy lived just down the street. The library is new to us, we will have to come back when it's open. Thanks for the fun. Took nothing, Left Jack Squat!

5/14/2010 You found West Sharon Access Site (Traditional Cache)
Boy do the cache and contents ever look familiar! We were out checking our cache across the river and just had to grab this one. (Or maybe it was the other way around.) This is our first visit to this new launch site. Probably not our last. Thanks for the fun, much better than a night at some motel.
(Kelcutah placed this cache. The cache container was a prize that Dick put together for the Expo Event in Grayling. Kelcutah chose the ammo can over a free night in the Jacuzzi suite in the Days Inn!)

5/14/2010 You found Take a Walk on the Mild Side (Traditional Cache)
This town is my ancestral home.
(Fife Lake)
My grandmother was a Battenfield who married a Van Pelt. The families migrated here at the end of the 19th century. Many of my ancestors are buried in the Springfield Twp. Cemetery. Numerous uncles were farmers in the area. As boy, over 60 years ago, we often came into town on Friday nights to watch movies on the wall in the park downtown. We feel that it was a sad day when the Inn changed hands. Thanks for the memories.

5/14/2010 You posted a note for Walton Junction (Traditional Cache)
Wow!! We think the cache might be haunted! The original container seemingly appears and disappears with out notice. Be careful!
(We put out a new and different cache container at this location because the old container kept falling to the ground. The last finder claims that he found both containers! We came to check it out but we only found the new one.)