Monday, February 17, 2014

Vampires With Needles

First of three post-TACE blood draws.  Thank goodness that Munson has this nice branch lab across from the mall.  So much easier than going to the hospital.  They had no problem faxing the results.  Marie, the PA from Ann Arbor called to see how things are going.

Found it 02/17/2014 You found 03 Winter Freindly Cache   Visit Log
Never mind 10 per day, we haven't even logged one on Feb. 17 before. We are back up on the tundra for a few days for medical procedures and freezing our tails off. After a quick stop at Munson for a blood draw, we scored this one on the way back out to the river. Not usually our favorite type of hide but it sure was today. Now if we can find another one tomorrow and then it's back to the condo to soak up some more sun and let all this white stuff dissipate. TFTC